Academy of sport trials | Loughborough College


  • What are the Academy of Sport trials?

    These are our trials for our Academy Sport team programmes which are:

    • Men’s and women’s rugby
    • Men’s and women’s football
    • Men’s and women’s volleyball
    • Men’s basketball
    • Women’s netball

    Our trials aim to provide student-athletes with the information required to understand how we structure and run our programmes outlining the expectations of players as student-athletes. The trials aim to provide student-athletes with the knowledge of where they will fit in to the current programmes and how this ties into their study programmes.

  • What if my sport isn’t in the list?

    As of 2017/18 our Academy of Sport offers support for students competing and training at a high level in individual sports. We do not offer training in these sports but our Academy provides the support required in order to help student-athletes train, compete and study to their potential whilst at Loughborough College. For more information contact

  • Do I need to attend this event
    if I came to the academy taster session in February?

    Yes, the session we held in February was a taster session. This event is to try out for the academy team you’d be interested in joining.

  • Who is eligible for the Academy of Sport?

    Due to the logistics of providing the required level of training and support for academic subjects, our timetabling only allows for students who study A-Levels and BTEC Sport programmes the flexibility to be able to be part of our Academy of Sport programmes.

    If you are studying other subjects and wish to be part of the Academy of Sport then you will need to get in contact outlining your academic information to

  • Why do I need to attend trials?

    We intend to have our squads finalised before the summer break ahead of the pre-season for each academic year. Although this may not be the finalised squad it is imperative that a strong pre-season is conducted to remain competitive at the highest level in college sport.

  • Where are the trials held?

    The trials are held at the college. All student-athletes need to register at main reception between 9.30am – 10am, with a prompt 10am start in our theatre. The day then consists of classroom and practical activities, finishing at 3pm.

  • What happens if I can’t make the trial dates?

    No need to worry! If you cannot make the trial dates then you need to contact us at

    Please state the reason for your unavailability, your study programme and which sport you would like to trial for.

  • What to bring

    Please bring with you clothing that allows you to participate in both practical and classroom based activities. Think about your sport and whether this is an indoor or outdoor sport and bring appropriate clothing (thinking about weather on the day!).

    You may also wish to bring equipment to make notes on as there is a lot of information to take in!

  • Refreshments

    Please bring your own refreshments with you. Our Box Office canteen will be open on the day as well as plenty of access to water fountains to keep hydrated.