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Are you aged 14-18, and want to help kick-start your career?... if so, then we feel Bridge to Work will benefit you!

We offer the following courses:

  • Twilight practical skills courses:

    Taster courses run annually. This gives students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience, and attain the relevant skills in the subject area of their choice. Contact or 07798 571899 for further information

  • Job Coaching:

    Students are will be assisted by our job coaches to help write an effective CV. In addition to this, our job coaches offer helpful advice to reach their future prospects.

  • Pre-Apprenticeship:

    If you are under the age of 19, the Bridge to Work Scheme is a fantastic opportunity to increase your chance of getting a job, whether you are looking for employment now or when you leave college or school. This scheme offers you the flexibility to pick and choose the options that you want. You can opt in to as much or little as you like. Contact us for details of the scheme and receive support in your search for the next step of your future.


Pre Apprenticeship Scheme

If you’re aged 16-18 and need help looking/applying for a job for your apprenticeship then this scheme is right for you. There are various options to choose from, which include the following:

Job Matching Service: We will send out regular e-mail updates and information about jobs that are relevant to you.

Apprenticeship team: You can get the help you need to apply for a job from our Apprenticeship team.

Individual Support: we can offer careers advice and support on a 1:1 basis.

Employability skills: come in for 1:1’s or workshops to learn skills such as; writing up a well constructed application form and building up your interview skills.


“Bridge-to-Work is an exceptional scheme which assists the younger generation in achieving their future goals. Furthermore, the teachers and learning coaches were always helpful and guided me on the right track, and I had the opportunity to meet some great students that I made friends with on the course.”

Trishna Matharu
Business Administration Student

“The Bridge To Work course was very good for me, I found that it was a great confidence booster as when you are not in work it can be very demoralising so having friendly people trying to help you is very comforting. It also gave me good advice including how to approach interviews and also your CV. The course exceeded my expectations it stood out from similar things I had done before. All though I was only with you for a short time the topics that were covered were very beneficial and even the first introductory meeting was useful to help me see where I was going wrong. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is my age and looking for work.”

Adam Smith
Motor Vehicle Student

“Bridge To Work was a great experience and I think it will help me in my future career. I made some new friends there and the atmosphere was relaxing and nice. I loved spending my time doing the Bridge to Work Scheme. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Chloe Popay
Childcare Student


Why should you come on-board with us?

We feel that the Bridge to Work Scheme is a great learning curve for students, as we give them an opportunity to gain the relevant life-skills such as interviewing experience with actual employers, which will prepare them in reaching their dream job. Therefore, with your participation on the Bridge to Work scheme, you will get the chance to build relationships with our high calibre students, and potentially have them in mind to work within your company in the future.
Furthermore, we are working with local press to gain media coverage on our course and promote success stories. Therefore by taking part as an employer on Bridge to Work, you will get the chance of gaining positive publicity, and you will be recognised for your the ethical involvement as an employer on the scheme.

Employers' Views

“The ‘Bridge to Work’ scheme offered by Loughborough college is fantastic! The students are given invaluable experience of speaking to employers, interview techniques and the chance to explore areas of employment. The scheme supports students in making decisions and choosing the right career paths for each individual which we feel can only strengthen the future work force. We are very proud to be associated with this scheme and fully support Loughborough College’s initiative”

Kate Greenaway & Andrea Mardel-Ferreira - Proprietors Lime Tree Day Nurseries Ltd.

“Thank you for inviting our company to get involved with the Bridge to Work project, we have found it very rewarding in supporting this excellent initiative. The project is a real ‘in road’ for giving school leavers the opportunity to meet and liaise with employers and to fully explore all career path options. This will also be of great benefit to all companies that have supported the scheme by matching the compatibility of employees and employers in the future."

Andrew Selby - Selby’s Garage

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