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            Air travel assistants issue travel tickets and boarding passes, examine other documentation, provide information and assistance at airport terminals and look after the welfare, comfort and safety of passengers travelling in aircraft.

            Current Entry Requirements

            Entrants usually possess GCSEs/S grades. Fluency in a foreign language may also be required in some posts. Training typically lasts between 3 to 6 weeks followed by a 6 to 12 month probationary period of on-the-job training.

            Typical education level:

            Level 1-3

            Typical Tasks

            • Receives passengers at airport terminal, examines tickets and other documentation, checks in luggage and distributes boarding passes.
            • Checks emergency equipment, distributes reading material, blankets and other items, and ensures that the aircraft is ready for the receipt of passengers.
            • Welcomes passengers on board the aircraft, guides them to their seats and assists with any hand luggage.
            • Ensures that sufficient stocks of meals and beverages are on board the aircraft prior to take off and serves passengers during the flight.
            • Sells duty-free goods during the flight.
            • Makes announcements on behalf of the pilot, demonstrates the use of emergency equipment and checks that safety belts are fastened.
            • Directs and instructs passengers in the event of an emergency, ensures safety procedures are followed.

            Desired Skills

            Reading Comprehension
            Active Listening
            Critical Thinking
            Learning Strategies
            New Job Opportunities
            An -5.5% fall in employment is expected by 2018 in the East Midlands.







            Entry level

            Job Postings

            Company: Swissport International Ltd.

            Location: Derby


            Company: British Midland Regional

            Location: Birmingham


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