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Taxi and cab drivers and chauffeurs drive motor cars for private individuals, government departments and industrial and commercial organisations, drive taxis for public hire, drive new cars to delivery points and drive motorcycles and other motor vehicles.

Current Entry Requirements

No academic qualifications are required but most entrants require a clean, current driving licence and a medical examination. Local authorities typically set their own tests of local knowledge and additional driving tests before awarding licences.

Typical education level:

Level 1-3

Typical Tasks

  • Checks tyres, brakes, lights, oil, water and fuel levels and general condition of vehicle before start of journey.
  • Drives passenger-carrying motor cars, taxis and other motor cars and motorcycles, complying with road and traffic regulations.
  • Collects passengers when hailed or in response to telephone/radio message and helps them to secure their luggage.
  • Conveys passenger to destination and helps unload luggage.
  • Cleans, services and maintains vehicle or motorcycle.
New Job Opportunities
An -4.9% fall in employment is expected by 2018 in the East Midlands.
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