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International Students

Looking for our International Website? Click on the link below to go there.

International Website

We have tried to make this website as accessible to as many users as possible, as part of that, several steps have been made to make the navigation around the site easier for all.

Using the keyboard instead of the mouse:

To allow easier navigation for non-mouse users we have introduced special shortcuts called "access keys" to the main navigation elements

Access Keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts giving quick access to main areas of the site.

For Windows users, pressing the "Alt" key in combination with the access key will select the link, selected "Enter" will navigate you to that area, Mac users will need to press the "Ctrl" key in combination with the access key.

Access keys for the College website:

"Alt" + "0" - Link to website home page.
"Alt" + "1" - Link to main page content.
"Alt" + "2" - Select the course search box.
"Alt" + "3" - Link to the site map page.

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