Published: 6th October at 10:11am

As part of the Government’s approach to the management of COVID-19 in educational settings, all schools and colleges have been asked to adopt a ‘Tier’ system of restrictions.

Click here to download an easy to read graphic which outlines Loughborough College’s approach to the Tier system and what it means for you.

Since the start of term, Loughborough College has been operating at ‘Tier 1’ which means our campus has been fully open with robust safety measures and a ‘class bubble’ system in place.

But as the government is reporting that infection rates are continuing to rise nationally, the following information explains what we will do if we are required to move to higher level restrictions.

How the tier system works

  • Tier 2 restrictions: we would split the college in half and operate a one week in and one week out rota system to further restrict numbers on campus. Please note that as part of our safety-first approach, we had already significantly reduced the numbers on campus to a cap of 1,750 per day. Under Tier 2, we would ensure that fewer than 900 students were on campus each day. Full timetables would continue online in the off-site rota week.
  • Tier 3 restrictions: we would allow full-time, on-site provision only for vulnerable children, the children of critical workers and selected year groups as identified by the Department for Education. Full remote delivery would happen for all other groups.
  • Tier 4 restrictions: we would only provide support for vulnerable students and the children of key workers with full remote delivery of all timetabled lessons.

Please note: the educational tier is separate and different from the national tier system. For more information on the Education Tier system visit