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The course provides a challenging and interesting introduction to the discipline of chemistry at an advanced level.

This course is suited to students who wish to pursue a career in medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, environmental areas, engineering, or the chemical industries. It also develops the skills of analysis and enquiry, which are invaluable for a wide range of careers.

Course Content

Year 1 covers:

  • Physical Chemistry: atomic structure, amount of substance, bonding, kinetics, equilibria, and redox reactions
  • Inorganic Chemistry: periodicity, group 2 chemistry, and group 7 chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry: organic compounds and isomerism, alkanes, halo-alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, and organic analysis.
  • Practical Skills: experiments are designed to improve practical competence and introduce the student to a wide variety of techniques

Year 2 covers:

  • Physical Chemistry: thermodynamics, further kinetics and equilibria, electrode potentials and electrochemical cells, acids, bases, and buffers
  • Inorganic chemistry: periodicity, transition metals, and reactions of inorganic compounds
  • Organic Chemistry: stereoisomerism, carbonyl chemistry, aromatic chemistry, amines, amino-acids, DNA, organic synthesis and analysis, structure determination, and chromatography
  • Practical Skills: building on Year 1 with more complexity and challenging analysis and evaluation


You will develop key skills which are highly valued by employers, including:

  • Data analysis
  • Communication skills
  • Applying knowledge to solve problems
  • Practical ability

The course is delivered using a variety of teaching and learning styles, including Smart board, PowerPoint and video presentations, as well as both group and practical work.

Entry Requirements

  • GCSE Maths and Science (Double Science or two “traditional” sciences) at grade 6
  • All Loughborough Sixth Form College courses have minimum entry requirements of at least five GCSEs at grade C/4 or above, including English Language and Maths.

Progression Opportunities

The study of chemistry develops your numeracy, literacy, and practical skills, which are valued by employers. Your ability to understand new concepts and become an independent thinker is enhanced, which is useful in many areas of work.

Combined with other A Levels, progression to a wide variety of study and careers is possible. Examples include optometry, pharmacy, medicine, engineering, forensic science, banking, finance, and law.

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Key Facts


  • September 2018

Mode of Attendance:

  • Full or Part Time



Course Duration:

1 Year

Programme Costs:

  • The fees for this course are currently being confirmed.

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College Course Code:

  • 18/19ASQCH

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