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Throughout this course, you'll study significant events in history and how these events have shaped the world that we live in today. History is all about change and how wars, laws, policies, catastrophes, and inventions have changed the ways in which people live.

History is a fascinating subject, which makes you question societies from all over the world. You'll be able to identify their mistakes and identify how modern societies are different, or similar to, those of the past.

Course Content

History has always been about change and how that has affected society at the time. You'll discover two periods of time in your taught modules and a coursework module, which will be to your choosing. You are encouraged to learn about history over a 200-year period and from at least two different countries.

The two modules that you'll study are:

Germany: Democracy and Nazism 1918–45

Germany goes through extensive change throughout the period. From an autocratic government to a democracy and then to a dictatorship, you will engage with what society was like for the ordinary people of Germany, the Jews, and the Nazis.

In your first year, you will discover the Weimar Republic and how this society of freedom and liberalism was exchanged for one of oppression and hatred. In your second year, you will then go on to study the outbreak of World War Two, the Holocaust, and Hitler's role in it all.

Britain: 1603–1702

This module focuses on Britain at a time of war, fear, religious conflict, disease, revolution, and enlightenment. This period is known historically as the Early Modern Period. The module concentrates on British society, and the people behind change, over a 99-year period. In your first year, you will learn about James I, his fascination with witchcraft, his plantation policy, and how religion dictated all aspects of the lives of ordinary people.

You will also consider the threats posed to the monarchy, from home and abroad, and the failures and execution of Charles I after the English Civil War. You will also look at Leicestershire's role within the period and what happened. In your second year, you will go on to focus on the Interregnum, the Restoration, the religious war with Ireland, the great plague, and the glorious revolution.

Finally, you will complete a coursework module, based on your interests.


Studying A Level History will help you to develop a number of new skills, including how to assess information by investigating facts and using deduction, how to put over your point of view fluently, and how to work as part of a team; all of which are skills which will be beneneficial in your future studies and employment.

Entry Requirements

  • GCSE English Language, Literature, or History at grade B/5 or above.
  • All Loughborough Sixth Form College courses have minimum entry requirements of at least five GCSEs at grade C/4 or above, including English Language and Maths.


Progression Opportunities

History gives you knowledge and skills which will prepare you for Higher Education and which are also useful in any career. Students who specialise in history can go on to become historical researchers, work in heritage organisations, or become teachers. History also supports other career paths, such as journalism, politics, law, social work, and public services.

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  • September 2018

Mode of Attendance:

  • Full or Part Time



Course Duration:

1 Year

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  • 18/19ASQHIS

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