Benefits of an Apprenticeship

With our tailor-made package there are a number of benefits an Apprenticeship programme could have on your business:

  • Increase profit and productivity
    Investing in Apprenticeship training is the ideal way to train a loyal, motivated and enthusiastic workforce, ensuring that the right staff stay within your organisation. Research conducted by the National Apprenticeship Service found that Apprenticeships can also deliver real returns to your bottom line.
  • Fill skill gaps and develop a more highly-skilled and specialised workforce
    Through Apprenticeships, you can train your staff to fill specialised roles that are difficult to recruit for. An Apprenticeship also allows you to train your staff to work the way that you want them to, which ensures that not only do they have the skills they need to be more effective but also that they are the best ‘fit’ for your organisation.
  • Motivate your workforce and reduce staff turnover
    Apprentices tend to be eager, motivated, flexible and loyal to the company that has invested in them. A motivated workforce results in higher employee satisfaction and a better quality of work.
  • Reduce recruitment and training costs
    Because Apprentices are trained in the workplace, Apprenticeships are more cost effective than hiring skilled staff and can help reduce your overall training and recruitment costs. In addition, 16-18 year old Apprentices are fully Government funded and there is provisional funding for those aged 19 and over, giving you the benefit of a skilled workforce without significant outlay.