Magna Parva Case Study

Magna Parva is one of just two companies in the space industry who boast an apprenticeships programme and Director Andrew Bowyer is a firm believer that it has benefitted the business.

The company took on a Business Administration apprentice in partnership with Loughborough College and have invested further in her training after she showed an aptitude for marketing.

Mr Bowyer said: “I started my career as an apprentice and was a firm believer in being able to offer very good vocational roles so that it’s not necessarily a better way than a traditional academic route but it is a genuine alternative.

“Having apprentices certainly benefits us. To employ trainees you have to be able to give them the appropriate training, you have to be able to put them through a system to make sure they are safe.

“You have to think about things in a bit more of a robust manner, which helps form the business.

“It also gives the opportunity for some of the perhaps more junior members of our staff to assist with supervising the apprentices and doing training themselves so it brings them on as employees as well so that’s very useful.