Pentagon Case Study

For car sales company Pentagon, training their workforce is at the heart of their business despite challenging economic times.

In partnership with Loughborough College, 17 employees from various branches across the Midlands and South Yorkshire were awarded NVQ Level 3 qualifications in Management and their employees are already starting to see the benefits.

Nigel Brogan said: “We got hold of the funding and we could deliver the training and it grew from there as we invited other people in the group and it seemed natural for me to do it

“It gave us the opportunity to fit what we were learning into what we were doing at work.

“It wasn’t just doing a qualification that you didn’t know where it fit in. It enabled us to work closely together and we found we could put it into practice at work.”

Human Resources Director Graham Hall has been delighted by the fully-funded training programme that his employees have taken part in.

He said: “It has been a tough year, 2011, and as a company we have gone through a lot of hills only to find that there are mountains still in front of us.

“But we remain committed to investing in our people. If our technicians can be 10% more efficient, our sales people 15 vehicles a month instead of 13, and people use what they have learnt and put it into action then we have created value.

“We ask our people never to stop looking at their development. Always think about what they want and their needs. It’s all about adding value to the company.

“Loughborough College have gone far beyond what they said they would do and I would like to thank them for their support.”