Plastribution Case Study

Leicestershire-based Plastribution took on a Business Administration apprentice to help fill a sales role after being contacted by Loughborough College.

Sales Manager Duncan Scott has been delighted with Lucy Hickling since her arrival – after all she has been nominated for Apprentice of the Year at the Plastics Industry Awards as a result of her good work.

College Account Manager Sarah Helmore guided the company through the apprentice recruitment process, something Mr Scott was pleased with.

He said: “We didn’t know anything about the apprenticeships process or how it would work and she walked us through the process from beginning to end.

“If you have a position to fill that meets the requirements of the apprenticeship scheme then I would recommend it.

“I think it’s been excellent for us and there seem to be lots of benefits with very few risks.

“I’ve been very impressed with Lucy, she is a very mature and professional young lady, she’s come on leaps and bounds since she has been here and she’s really fulfilling the role.

“She’s not just a trainee making the tea, she’s fulfilling a very important role within Plastribution and she’s doing a very good job.

“We’ve found very easily, without a huge amount of investment from our point of view, a very professional young lady who’s doing a great job. It’s been good for everybody.

“If the right opportunity arrived then absolutely we’d take on another apprentice.

“Loughborough College’s input into the process has been excellent and the apprenticeships system has worked incredibly well for us.”