Schluter Systems Case Study

Schluter Systems decided to take on Business Administration apprentices to help solve a staffing issue in their administration department and Divisional Manager Carl Stokes is certain they have made the right decision.

The approach from Loughborough College came at just the right time after internal discussions had been leaning towards an apprenticeships programme.

Mr Stokes said: “We’ve had an ethos of wanting to progress people through the ranks and to train people.

“The opportunity to take on some apprentices was presented to us and we liked the idea of bringing people in that needed time to be coached and educated on the right way of working within a company.

“We knew we would reap rewards if we got the right type of person that we could spend the time showing them the correct way – the professional way – of working.

“We’re a small team and we wanted to make sure that we got the right people to come into that team so they could keep pace with the team that we’ve got – we’re small but we’re quite dynamic and powerful.”

Taking on apprentices is something he would recommend to businesses looking long term, saying: “As long as companies recognise that they have to put time and energy into training apprentices and it’s not just an excuse for cheap labour that they will get a lot more out of it if they spend time with them, give them a proper training plan and help them integrate into the company.

“It’s not a short term thing. You’re looking to get these people through their apprenticeships and into a career within your organisation.”