Advanced Apprenticeship in Hospitality and Catering (Level 3)

The Level 3 Apprenticeship will broaden your existing knowledge and help you gain important leadership and management skills to allow you to take on more responsibility.

There are two pathways available for the Advanced Apprenticeship in Hospitality and Catering. You can choose between the Diploma in Professional Cookery or the Diploma in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership.

Course Content

  • Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Principles (Level 3)
  • NVQ Diploma in chosen pathway (Level 2)
  • Functional Skills Maths (Level 2) (if required)
  • Functional Skills English (Level 2) (if required)
  • Functional Skills ICT(Level 2) (if required)
  • Modules

    There are two pathwayson the Advanced Apprenticeship for you to select from:

    1. Professional Cookery:

    Mandatory units:

    • Develop Productive Working Relationships with Colleagues
    • Maintain the Health, Hygiene, Safety and Security of the Working Environment
    • Maintain Food Safety When Storing, Preparing and Cooking Food

    Optional units include:

    • Preparing Fish, Shellfish, Meat, Poultry, Game for Complex Dishes
    • Producing Healthier Dishes
    • Contributing to the Development of Recipes and Menus

    2. Hospitality Supervision and Leadership:

    Mandatory units:

    • Set Objectives and Provide Support for Team Members
    • Develop Working Relationships with Colleagues
    • Contribute to the Control of Resources
    • Maintain the Health, Hygiene, Safety and Security of the Working Environment
    • Lead a Team to Improve Customer Service

    Optional units include:

    • Supervising Functions
    • Contributing to Promoting Hospitality Products and Services
    • Monitoring and Solving Customer Service Problems

    Entry Requirements

    You will have worked in the hospitality industry for some time, will have plenty of experience, and you might already supervise others or manage resources.

    Progression Opportunities

    Job roles including:

    • Sous Chef
    • Senior Cook

    Next Steps

    Key Facts



    Course Duration:

    12 - 18 Months