Leadership and Management Courses

When you get back to the drawing board, your organisation thrives or fails by the quality of your employee's and ongoing business. The Leadership and Management team have developed 5 steps to bring you success.

  • Consultation to understand your organisational needs
  • Designing training programmes specifically for you
  • Recommending training plans
  • Implementing the training at a time and place that suits you
  • Evaluation and improvement to ensure a positive impact to your organisation

An initial consultation with one of our Client Account Managers will help to identify exactly what it is your business needs, allowing us to fit a programme to your organisation from our wide range of options.

They will discuss with you what you hope to achieve through Leadership and Management training and work with you to identify the specific outcomes you want to achieve to help decide which of our wide range of programmes will suit you.

We are able to offer a number of solutions to you based on the latest thinking and your requirements as discussed in your initial consultation. Our Leadership and Management courses are all about improving performance within your organisation, whether that is through changing behaviour or introducing new ways of working there is a framework that will fit you.

We are able to tailor existing programmes around your needs and will endeavour to present you with different options at this stage to find something that truly ‘fits'.

  • Leadership and Management Workshop - Authentic Leadership

    The Authentic Leadership master-class challenges the pre-conception of what makes a great leader and dissects how leaders can help their organisation maintain a competitive advantage.

    Companies know that they must better engage and connect with employees and stakeholders to maintain a competitive advantage and business experts suggest that one way to achieve this is through authentic leadership.

    Great leaders achieve massive results for everyone collectively and do not create followers, they create more leaders. Leadership is not just for those with a title, it is something that everyone in the organisation should be doing.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Coaching in the Workplace

    The Coaching in the Workplace workshop justifies the need for supporting and developing staff in order to create a better future for the individual and the organisation.

    The Workshop will create a coaching culture that will help to develop the effectiveness of your workforce. By tapping into natural ability, workplace coaches will support and develop individual talents, leading to improved performance and a more proactive culture throughout the organisation.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Creating a High Performance Team

    This high impact workshop is designed to give you the tools to achieve the most with your teams and this dynamic session explores the quality of the relationships within your teams and provides the core foundations for explosive growth and achievement.

    High performing teams do not just occur - they are built on the back of desire, communication skills, a common purpose and individual and collective commitment to an attitude of achieving more than yesterday.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Customer Service Excellence

    This high impact workshop seeks to instil the key ingredients of attitude, skill, knowledge and confidence that contribute to customer service excellence.

    Individuals can make a massive difference to the quality of the customer service experience and this session draws on examples of excellent practice (from the public and private sectors) and looks at the benefits to the customer, the organisation and the individual of 'going that extra mile'.

    Delegates will be asked to produce a personal action plan as part of the workshop to ensure continued development.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Effective Communication Skills

    This session deconstructs the way delegates communicate and how personal views can influence conversations and relationships. It allows delegates to reflect on the changes they can make and techniques they can use in order to improve their relationships dramatically.

    The master-class will create individuals with a better understanding of how to communicate with others and will lead to better relationships throughout the workforce. The ability to adjust language and overcome barriers in order to increase the impact of communication will promote more positive outcome with internal and external customers.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Giving Effective Feedback

    This high impact workshop has been developed to give employees the confidence and the skills to handle difficult conversations.

    Delegates examine various aspects of individuals' behaviour, what can trigger certain responses and how to identify effective ways to handle difficult and sensitive situations with professionalism and achieve positive outcomes.

    Employees will learn professional techniques to deal with hostile aggressors, silent non-responders, habitual complainers, yes people/no people and 'know it alls'.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Managing Conflict and Difficult People

    This 'Managing Conflict and Difficult Situations' workshop examines the behaviours that lead to conflict, identifies the skills and techniques required to defuse difficult situations and bring them to a positive conclusion.

    When dealing with difficult interactions, simple things become sources of unanticipated conflict and mild misunderstandings that result in unwanted behaviours.

    It is essential to develop constructive and consistent ways of dealing with these situations and to have the ability to deal with these with confidence and skill that will make a difference to the end result.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Managing and Leading Change
    This high impact workshop gives you the skills to positively manage yourself and lead others through change.

    Employees often have change thrust upon them without much prior notice and can become demotivated by repeated organisation 'restructures' and initiatives and have their enthusiasm eroded.

    This session looks at the inevitability of change, the fact that it isn't going to go away and the kind of thinking and leadership skills needed to thrive in a rapidly changing business world. It's important that leaders are able to change and help others adjust to change with them.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Maximise Your Sales
    Take your sales results to a whole new level by revisiting each aspect of the process and focusing on the buyers.

    We have all heard and probably used the well-known phrase 'people buy people' so why is it that so many sales people are still out there selling product above themselves? The key to success in selling is to focus on creating environments in which people want to buy.

    The most successful sales people out there are not just born that way, they have taught themselves - or had great mentors - that the buyer needs to be in the right emotional state in order to place the order. Take your sales results to a whole new level by revisiting each aspect of the process from the most successful perspective.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Motivate Your Team

    This workshop encourages managers to understand the methods of motivation they currently use and investigates how to motivate and inspire their team to perform at their optimum level.

    The workshop will create a more open culture between individuals and teams which will help to improve retention within the workforce leads to more creative output from individuals, potentially resulting in increased productivity within the organisation.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Performance Management

    The Performance Management master-class supports leaders in delivering a continuous process that enables employees to constantly adapt to the goals of the organisation.

    This master-class will create leaders capable of stretching their top performers, and challenging those who are not so productive by understanding and developing their natural abilities. The organisation will benefit from a workforce that is driving in its pursuit of a common goal. This session is customised to fit into your organisation’s appraisal system.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Problem Solving and Decision Making

    This Problem Solving and Decision Making workshop is designed to challenge the way leaders think and examine the way they make key decisions.

    This Master-Class will create a workforce that recognises the importance of dealing with the cause of a problem, rather than the effect. The organisation will prosper as individuals will have the confidence to make key decisions based on their new found skills.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Transformational Leadership

    The Transformational Leadership master-class examines how leaders can attract followers through effective goal setting and engagement in a common sense of purpose.

    Leaders will be able to identify what a transformational leadership style is and when to use it. The organisation will prosper with Leaders that understand the skills which attract people to commit to achieving the organisation’s vision, and the leadership skills which engender trust and respect.

    Leadership and Management Workshop - Unlock Your Potential
    Inspire and motivate your employees by raising their expectations as to what's possible in this flexible training programme by introducing positive aspects of psychology and using concepts of emotional intelligence to explore how people can be better than today, tomorrow.

    Employees attending this programme will become more confident, positive and influential. This change of mind-set will promote a 'can do' culture which impacts on the behaviour of others they engage with.

    ILM Award in Leadership and Team Skills (Level 2)
  • Level 2
    Intermediate Apprenticeship in Team Leading (Level 2)

    This Apprenticeship package is ideal for new or aspiring team leaders.You will gain valuable applied workplace learning through completion of the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Team leading, plus theory and knowledge with the VRQ Certificate in Team Leading.

  • Level 3
    Advanced Apprenticeship in Management (Level 3)

    The Advanced Level Management Apprenticeship will develop your management and leadership skills and could include planning, allocating and monitoring work of a team, supporting team members, managing conflict, resolving problems, project management, agreeing budgets and managing customer service.

    ILM Certificate in Effective Management (Level 3)

    This qualification is designed to prepare you for your first management role, or, if you are a practising first-line manager, equip you with tools and techniques to help improve your performance and get more from your teams.

    The Level 3 Certificate is ideal if you or your staff have management responsibilities but no formal training.

  • Level 5
    Foundation Degree in Business and Management

    Validated by Nottingham Trent University

    This foundation degree is designed to provide prospective students with the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification in business and management. This course is ideal for those individuals who aspire to enter employment at a senior level or for current managers wanting to add to their academic training. With the aim of offering you a firm grounding on which to build a successful career, this programme seeks to enhance your existing knowledge and introduce you to new practices and theories.

    Higher Apprenticeship in Care Leadership and Management (Level 5)

    This Apprenticeship is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of those who work in a deputy manager or manager role in a health and social care setting. This qualification is fundable for those whose highest qualification is Level 3 or 4 or equivalent.

  • Level 6
    BA (Hons) Leadership and Management Top-Up Degree

    Validated by Nottingham Trent University

    Are you looking to formalise your professional experience with a degree qualification? Our one-year Leadership and Management Degree could be the answer.

    This unique one-year Degree is specifically designed for middle and senior level managers to provide the relevant industry skills to become more effective and proactive within management roles in order to progress professionally and take the lead in driving companies forward.

    The BA (Hons) Degree in Leadership and Management enables you to update your practice through the study of modern leadership and management disciplines and provides you with the opportunity to develop your knowledge and improve your professional competency. You are able to contextualise the programme to your own experience and place of work, making it relevant to your specific job role.

    The degree uses a blended learning approach which consists of 7 contact days throughout the duration of the programme, supplemented by distance learning. The delivery element takes place at Loughborough College, with tutorial support via email, phone or Skype.

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    CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing (Level 6)

    This Professional Diploma in Marketing will provide you with the knowledge, skills and ability to do in relation to marketing planning and to assist with the development of the marketing professional in the ways discussed above.

    It is ideal for marketers with operational responsibilities and an eye on management including departmental managers, functional managers, product / brand managers, account managers, agency managers, marketing executives and business development managers.

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