Weleda Case Study

Natural medicines company, Weleda turned to Bridge to the Future team at Loughborough College to help them fulfil their staff training needs. The organisation wanted ten of their staff to complete an NVQ in Team Leading.

The courses were tailored to meet the specific training needs of the Ilkeston-based business. Loughborough College were then able to deliver the training in a flexible way so as to fit around the staff’s other work commitments.

Managing Director Bob Ballard could not have been more delighted with the training, saying: “We got some of the managers’ comments after everyone completed the NVQ and they really are a fantastic testimony to the course and what was achieved by everyone involved.

“They included having more awareness of the importance of working to targets and an increased understanding of what the task actually is; better communications within the team, which is absolutely essential in our every day roles.

“Then we have seeking different opportunities in the workplace, different ways of using and assessing the available data. We have so much data here that needs to be translated and turned into information this is a big part of it.”

But it was not only managers who were pleased with the training provided by Bridge to the Future. Gardener Claire Hattersley was pleasantly surprised by what the course entailed, saying: “I think what I have carried on from the training is that it was very practical-based and there was no waffle or management theory stuff.

“It was it all very practical so I felt very able to put it into practice straightaway and it was like little lights going off all the time as well. It wasn’t always obvious but I found myself thinking ‘oh that’s right’.

“For me it was a surprise it was practical based because I thought it might be more theory and management speak but it was good fun and suited my style of learning.”