Code cracking race against time for Loughborough College students

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Code cracking race against time for Loughborough College students

Loughborough College students were faced with a top secret escape mission when their lesson became a code cracking race against time.

Rising to a call from Bletchley Park to recover vital documents stolen by a double agent, public services students were challenged to solve a series of complex puzzles and free themselves from a locked room.

The exciting ‘Enigma’ was created by the Loughborough College e-Learning team using gaming dynamics in a range of tasks testing no fewer than 120 skills.

“There were 45 students in the group and every single one of them was instantly engaged,” said Tim Turner, Public Services lead at Loughborough College.

“They found every aspect so compelling, whether it was the historical background on Alan Turing and Enigma, the roles they were assigned – which they really grew into – or the multiple ways they were being stretched and challenged.

“At every turn the students were being encouraged to approach and think about things in so many different ways and to pay attention to every single detail. It brought out their ability to communicate, their leadership and their teamwork and in the de-brief helped them get feedback on their strengths, as well as areas they might want to develop.

“Enigma not only enabled us to assess each of the students for the security element of their course and boosted a host of skills but it also excited and inspired them.”

Pictured: Loughborough College students find their lesson transformed into a code cracking race against time by the innovative ‘Engima’

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