First Class Honours and top award for Loughborough College graduate Jyoti

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Not only did Jyoti Karshala graduate with First Class Honours from Loughborough College this week but she was also presented with a coveted award.

The 22 year old achieved the top class in her BA (Hons) Leadership and Management alongside the accolade for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

Jyoti worked part-time throughout her three years of study. “It was challenging at times – I went into the library at weekends and pulled many all nighters but the College and my family have been so supportive and my managers and tutors gave me the encouragement I needed to stay motivated.

“The little shoves and knowing I had that backing in College and at home really gave me a boost and kept me going.

“I was shocked but very happy to achieve a First. I daren’t let myself hope that it might happen. I just told myself to keep going and not to slack – because you never know if you could be borderline and that extra push you give yourself makes the vital difference.

“As well as working in Student Recruitment and in Service Industries administration at Loughborough College I was part of the College’s Enterprise Society but it was great to have so much going on. I think it made me more efficient and productive – and my jobs at the College ended up informing my dissertation.

“I’m proud of what I’ve done and now I’m really excited to be looking at graduate schemes - although I’m already missing being a student. I’m actually also considering a Masters – I can’t let go!”

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