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A Loughborough College student has been praised for ‘going the extra mile’ by creating an original piece of artwork for his course in Leadership and Management.

Paul Mansley produced the piece from scratch, drawing an intricate illustration demonstrating communication in the workplace – even making the frame to display it – which his lecturer described as “a masterpiece.”

“As part of the ILM Level 3 Certificate in Effective Management the learners study nine separate subjects to achieve the 25 required credits to pass and there is an assignment linked to every subject studied - an arduous task for students who are largely in full time work,” said Alison Corcoran, Lecturer in Professional Education and Training at Loughborough College.

“For one of the assessments, which is designed to help learners improve their own effectiveness in achieving results, they each have to present a poster they have produced which shows an understanding of the methods of communication in the workplace and how to use them.

“Paul Mansley is one of my students, who is a trainee manager working for local firm Cross and Sansam, and drew all his artwork - and even made the frame himself to create a masterpiece.”

Loughborough College Professional Qualifications Programme Lead Daniel Apparicio added: “This highlights just how creative students
can be when they go the extra mile.

“The ILM professional qualification allows for this type of creativity and is an excellent example of a student demonstrating their passion for the course and the college.

“Paul’s artwork will certainly inspire other learners – it definitely inspired me!”

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