Maths exams on baby due date and just after birth – but results ensure teaching dream becomes reality for Loughborough College student

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A Loughborough College student sat her first Maths GCSE exam on the day her baby was due and had to be discharged from hospital after he was born to sit the second paper – so the 25 year old was thrilled to achieve the result she needed this morning to make her teaching dream a reality.

Eleven week old Carter slept peacefully as Becki Barrett opened her results at the College this morning.

“I was pregnant throughout my whole course and couldn’t believe the first paper was on the day my baby was due. But I just kept everything crossed and tried to focus. He had only just been born and I had to be discharged to sit the second paper.

“It was unbelievable really. Bizarrely the background of the baby probably helped my nerves. But it has still been a long year and I was quite hesitant to open the envelope.

“It was fantastic to see I had what I needed to become a teacher. I feel as if a weight has been lifted. This is a big deal. It’s a dream come true.

“My teacher Sarah at Loughborough College was amazing. I always felt I could ask for help and she was so supportive. My partner Matt tried to explain things to me but I was always a bit baffled. Sarah explained things perfectly and that gave me the confidence to get stuck in. I am so grateful to her. She made me believe I could do this.

“As well as Carter, who is eleven weeks now I have a two year old, Dylan, so I hope to go to University close to home. I can’t believe I am on the way to becoming a primary school teacher. I know it will be more pressure, but if I can cope with having an exam on the day my baby is due and then another just after I have had it, I think I will be okay.”

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