National public services challenge sees outstanding performance from Loughborough College

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National public services challenge sees outstanding performance from Loughborough College

The National Public Services Competition 2016 has seen Loughborough College produce an outstanding performance over two days of physical and mental challenges.

Ten activities tested stamina, strength and problem-solving including emergency disaster recovery, a crime scene investigation, a Royal Marines Fitness Challenge - and a field cookery task involving the preparation of a wood pigeon.

Eight Loughborough College Public Services students were also faced with a timed high rope challenge, a tug of war, a drill, a team quiz and the research and presentation of a topic demonstrating their understanding of real-world events.

“The students were introduced to a crime scene which involved them analyzing blood spatter, looking at the position and injuries on a dead body, finding a weapon and picking up on, for example overturned obstacles in order to build a picture of what had taken place – all while having their performance captured on camera and observed by police on remote monitors,” said Tim Turner, programme area lead for Public Services at Loughborough College.

“They also had to prepare a wood pigeon from scratch, including plucking and gutting it, outdoors and with minimal tools before cooking it for the judges.

“I had deliberately not taken the students through any preparation before the competition. I wanted to send them in equipped with the skills package they have from their course to give us and the students an accurate idea of how they would genuinely cope when faced with what were very intense and tough challenges – and I what I saw was incredibly impressive.

“There were excellent individual performance as well as delivery of fantastic skills from the teams. They were never caught out, they adapted to every environment and for every challenge they got on with it efficiently and effectively.

“Paula Croaker was so highly motivated and such a dedicated team member that despite injuring her ankle so badly ahead of the competition that she was unable to get her swollen foot into her boot, she insisted on taking part.

“Despite being in a great deal of pain she travelled a long distance with us and participated in every event, including marching, a gym fitness test and climbing.

“The students were up against teams on a national level who had been building up to this for a long time and their performance was outstanding. I was very proud.

“Everyone enjoyed it – but it will also have given the students vital preparation and experience for their future careers.”

Loughborough College students who took part in the National Public Services Competition on 14 and 15 May 2016 in Surrey were: Remi Rainford, Tom Layton, Sam Follows, Matt Follows, Joe Pearson, Paula Croaker, Leandra McCurry and Joe Rowles.

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