Reception team tells Loughborough College Vice Principal, You’re hired

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A Loughborough College Vice Principal eager to get first hand experience of apprenticeships on campus has been told, You’re hired.

Colin Butler joined the reception team during a National Apprenticeship Week which has seen the College Executive and Governors head for the ‘shop floor’ and get hands on with a range of apprenticeship opportunities, including testing a jet engine, firing up the bunsens as a lab technician, joining the restaurant kitchen for a busy lunchtime service, getting to grips with the latest technology in the engineering workshop and taking on childcare duties in the nursery.

“I really enjoyed my time with the reception team as an apprentice; it is fair to say that without Molly, Hayley, Amy and Lauren I would have been completely lost,” said Colin Butler.

“It is a testament to their development and confidence that they were able to train me.

“I was receiving visitors, issuing passes, taking phone calls and operating the absence hotline - and we had still not even covered every aspect of their role.

“The reception team is the first point of contact for the College and their professionalism really shone through.”

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