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The programme has seen outstanding success rates and has had a lasting impact on the participating primary, secondary and special schools, many of whom have gone on to employ their apprentices.

As a direct result of the programme schools have demonstrated a number of improvements in key objectives including:

  • Improvements in  activity levels of children
  • Increased number of children participating and enjoying PE, School Sport and physical activity

Apprentices employed are post 16 years of age and receive outstanding training and development from Loughborough College in order to effectively carry out their role.

"Trainers use highly effective teaching methods very well to inspire and challenge work based learners, ensuring that most make rapid progress as well as improving their skills and understanding to a high level. Staff support learners very well to progress towards their learning goals" Loughborough College Ofsted Inspection Report April 2013

Following an intensive summer training scheme, apprentices then complete the majority of their remaining training during the school holidays allowing employing schools to maximise the time spent on the job. Schools are expected to provide their apprentice with a mentor and 5 hours per week of PPA time for them to complete administrative tasks (organising school sport/planning) as well as completing their NVQ work. Schools are also required to support their apprentice with additional CPD.

For learners, the apprenticeship can be seen as an alternative route into a career in education, sports development and sports management. It can also be seen as a year for personal development and work experience, returning into higher education with a wealth of knowledge and understanding as well as a large increase in confidence and professional development.


Our figures in 2014 show that the programme has produced 56 specialist PE Apprentices who have been deployed in 71 schools since 2011 to promote PE, Sport and Physical Activity to young people and support PE co-ordinators/departments and all school staff.

"Andy (apprentice) has been a tremendous asset to both schools this year, leading the development of Sport and our Olympic build up and celebration projects.  He has shown excellent organisational skills to develop a range of extra-curricular opportunities” “We have found our involvement in the scheme to be of great benefit this year and would welcome being involved again in the future.  The fact that Andy was school based for the