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How much does it cost to employ a School Sport Apprentice?

This will depend on whether schools employ the young person directly or choose to go through IMPACT APPRENTICESHIPS.

Schools in Leicestershire are eligible for a grant through Leicester-Shire and Rutland Sport and Leicestershire County Council.

Full cost details can be found here.

Can an apprentice deliver PE lessons or after school clubs on their own?

This is assessed as individual cases. It will depend on school policy as well as the age, experience and qualifications of the young person.

Apprentices will be supported to move towards lead delivery and eventually sole delivery as the year goes on.

What support does the mentor need to provide?

General day-to-day advice and weekly review meetings to set targets and review tasks. Every apprentice will undergo progress reviews with tutors approximately every 6/7 weeks and mentors will be asked to provide a comment on their progress in school for this.

Mentors should also provide feedback and guidance where appropriate on leading sessions or activities.

From time to time the apprentice will need to collect evidence from the workplace such as policies, schemes of work and meeting notes which they will need access to.

What happens if the apprentice doesn’t meet agreed targets or there are problems?

If the school is unhappy with the apprentices’ conduct or quality of work the first port of call should be to discuss this with the young person and college tutors. Where appropriate additional support will be provided by the college to address individual needs.

Beyond this the school would follow their normal staff management procedures including training, supervision and warnings, as will the College.

What will the apprentice be able to do at the end of their training?

By the summer term we expect all apprentices to be leading a variety of PE and School Sport activities in their school.

Following the apprenticeship if the school intend to employ the apprentice in a Coaching/Technician/LSA role it is expected they will be fit for purpose to lead PPA sessions, OSHL activities, run intra school competition and manage a variety of school teams.

What support/guidance does the mentor receive?

All schools will receive additional mentoring support through document resources and additional events. The Mentor Guide will have all the specific details for mentors regarding NVQ deadlines and work documents, as well as supporting material to help mentor the apprentice.

What are the working hours for an apprentice?

The working hours for a School Sport Apprentice are flexible and will vary between schools. Due to the timetable of extra-curricular activities and fixtures there may be different start and finish times throughout the week. Apprentices will however have a set schedule to follow that will be between 30-37 hours per week.

Apprentices are employed on a 52 week contract with an entitlement of 20 days holiday. Holidays should be taken outside of the school term and must be agreed by the host school and the College (due to support days also taking place in school holidays – these are set out at the start of the programme).

Why do we need to pay apprentices during the summer training scheme?

As all apprenticeships are 52 weeks this allows us to prepare the young people for taking up their role in your school. The summer training scheme is an integral part of the training programme where the apprentices gain initial experience and underpinning knowledge of working with children, working in schools and complete additional qualifications such as safeguarding and first aid.

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