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Role Models: MATT WHALL

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Matt Whall, from Brigg, Lincolnshire, embarked on a remarkable journey in pursuit of his passion for coaching. Studying for a BSc degree in Sports Coaching at Loughborough College, Matt’s story serves as a testament to the fact that anyone and everyone can benefit from higher education.

After a successful career as a golf professional, playing and teaching in Nottinghamshire, Matt’s focus shifted towards coaching at the professional and national levels with England Golf. However, he realized the need to further his education to pursue job opportunities in the United States. ” To achieve my career goal, I needed a bachelor’s degree, and Loughborough College became the perfect fit,” Matt explains.

Growing up in a family that valued education, Matt is not the first in his family to gain a degree. “I am the youngest of four siblings, and three out of the four of us have degrees with a focus on sports,” he proudly shares.

The decision to study at Loughborough College was influenced by its flexible scheduling, convenient location, and dedicated staff. “The college accommodated my working hours, and the association with the University opened up many doors,” Matt reveals.

Reflecting on his higher education experience at Loughborough College, Matt highlights the invaluable opportunities it provided him as a mature student. “It allowed me to chase my career ambitions, introduced me to like-minded individuals, and reignited my passion for education long after I thought I was done with it,” he acknowledges.

Following the completion of his qualification, Matt’s life took a new turn as he got married and moved to the United States. He wasted no time in immersing himself in his coaching career, working at the university level. His achievements are numerous and notable, including coaching four different teams into the NCAA National Championship tournament and guiding players who have competed in prestigious golf championships worldwide. “A personal highlight was seeing one of my private players compete at the Tokyo Olympic Games,” Matt proudly states.

Looking to the future, Matt aspires to win an NCAA National title and become a hall-of-fame golf coach in the United States, striving for continued excellence in his career.

Reflecting on his overall experience, Matt describes his time at Loughborough College as thoroughly enjoyable and eye-opening. “It provided me with a holistic and critical thinking approach to coaching. The college fostered a friendly environment, and the staff went above and beyond to support us,” he recounts.

Matt attributes his success to his tutors’ unwavering support and guidance, who shared their experiences and knowledge. “They were always there to answer questions, offer insights, and ensure we made informed decisions. Their dedication to learning was inspiring,” Matt acknowledges gratefully.

To those considering studying at Loughborough College, Matt’s advice is clear: “Go for it. With dedication and effort, it can lead to highly rewarding results and pave the way for a stellar career. It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely worth it.”