How to Apply

International Students

Looking for our International Website? Click on the link below to go there.

International Website

Choose Your Course

Check course information on our website and in our course guides to help you decide which programme is right for you.

It might also be helpful to discuss your options with your teachers, friends, and family.

Find a course

Find Out

Come to one of our Open Days, held throughout the year, where you’ll have the chance to speak to tutors, look around, and enrol directly onto a programme area of your choice.

If you can't make an Open Day, come into College and speak to our Admissions Team. Contact us on 01509 618375, email, or find your course on our website and apply directly online.

You can also apply by completing the 2019/20 application form.

Apply Online Now

If you are an international student, please apply using our online International application form

Applicant Event

Once you make an application, we’ll invite you in for one of our applicant events. You need to attend one of these events in order to secure your place at Loughborough College.



    Applicant events are similar to our open days but on a smaller scale. They are only for students who have already made an application, rather than prospective applicants, and are specific to the course area you have applied for.

  • What will I be doing?

    You can expect to be at college for around 1 ½ to 2 hours depending on what you have applied for. Each team runs their event differently, your event will be a combination of: subject presentations, Q&A opportunities, and programme-specific activities to give you a feel for what it’s like studying at Loughborough College.

  • Why do I need to attend an applicant event?

    We want to make sure that you’re applying for the right course, and it gives you a chance to meet your tutors, find out more and ask any questions.

    N.B. You need to attend one of these events if you want to secure your place and receive an offer from us.

  • Where will the event be held?

    All of our events are based on the Loughborough College campus. When you arrive, please report to our main reception in the HUB building.

    We have free parking on campus. Our postcode is LE11 3BT.

  • Who is the event for?

    Most teams encourage both applicants and parents/guardians to attend the applicant event. Some parts of the event are aimed at our applicants, while others are aimed at parents/guardians. Where appropriate parents will be invited separately.

  • What happens if I can’t make that date?

    No need to worry. When you receive your invite there is an option to request an alternative date. As long as you tell us that you need another date, you will be invited to the next available event.

  • What to bring

    Where possible, you’ll need to bring in a copy of your predicted/actual grades. This information is used to ensure that you have applied for the most suitable level of study.

  • What to wear

    There is no formal dress code. Please just wear something that is comfortable and practical.

You’ll receive your invite approximately 2 weeks before your event date. In the meantime, if you do have any further questions, please contact us using the details below:


Tel: 01509 618375

Taster Sessions

Get involved with our curriculum taster sessions and pre-programme experiences, which provide the ideal opportunity to meet other students, get to know the College, and see what it's really like to study here.


Visit us in College, just before your course is due to begin, to confirm your GCSE grades.

This will help us make sure you're on the correct level of study and prepare for you to get started.