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Many students who have studied on our A Level courses have secured places at top universities both in the UK and abroad. Should you choose to enrol with us and become part of our success story, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of academic courses designed to equip you with the skills needed for higher education and employment. The majority of students taking A Levels study three subjects. In your second year of studying A Level courses with us, you will have the opportunity to study for an Extended Project Qualification. Our Russell Group Club is also available if you have ambitions to join one of the world's leading universities such as Oxford or Cambridge.

A-Level Courses at Loughborough College: Your Pathway to Success

A-Level Courses: Your Gateway to Higher Education

When it comes to preparing for higher education and future employment, A-Level courses are a crucial step. But what course is A-Levels? A-Levels, or Advanced Levels, are subject-based qualifications that students in England and other parts of the UK take after their GCSEs. At Loughborough College, we offer a range of A-Level courses that can help students secure a place at top universities in the UK and abroad.

What is the Best A-Level to Have?

The 'best' A-Level really depends on the individual student's interests, strengths, and future career aspirations. For those interested in a career in business or finance, our A-Level in Business Studies or A-Level in Accounting might be ideal. For those leaning towards the sciences, our A-Level in Biology or A-Level in Chemistry could be the perfect fit.

What Are Easy A-Levels to Take?

Again, this is subjective and depends on a student's individual strengths and interests. However, it's important to remember that all A-Level courses require dedication and hard work. That being said, some students might find courses such as A-Level in Art and Design: Art, Craft and Design or A-Level in Film Studies to be more approachable.

What are A-Level Courses in England?

In England, A-Level courses are typically studied over two years and are recognised qualifications for university entrance. At Loughborough College, we offer a wide variety of A-Level courses, from traditional subjects such as English Literature and Mathematics, to more unique offerings like our Enhanced A Level Programme in Space Engineering.

Why Choose Loughborough College for A-Level Studies?

At Loughborough College, we pride ourselves on our student experience. Our students’ union offers hundreds of opportunities for involvement and our support services are top-notch. We also boast high satisfaction rates amongst our students, with 94% saying our campus provides a safe environment and 91% reporting that our teachers have high expectations for their success. So, why not join us and become part of our success story?

90 % of learners said staff valued student’s views and opinions about their study Programme
94 % of learners said the College campus provides a safe environment
91 % of learners said that teachers had high expectations that they would succeed on their study programme


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This college is very good at helping you towards your next steps, whether it's university or apprenticeships.
Very helpful and understanding staff willing to assist you in every way possible.
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