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If you’re looking to start an undergraduate course this September it’s not too late, Loughborough College have a number of places available through UCAS clearing.

Join the growing number of students who are taking advantage of our exceptional education and training, first-class facilities and an enviable student experience. Loughborough College provides a broad range of industry recognised, high quality degree-level courses that prepare you for the world of work.

Why Loughborough? This buzzing university town has plenty on offer for students. With access to the No.1 students’ union for student experience, you can take advantage of over 100 different societies, plus excellent sports facilities, modern accommodation and the many shops, restaurants, bars and clubs based just off campus.

There’s still time to choose Loughborough College this September.

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Why choose Loughborough College?

  • Lower tuition fees
  • On campus accommodation
  • Degrees validated by top universities
  • Smaller class sizes and great student support
  • Part of Loughborough Students' Union

What is Clearing?

There are many reasons why a student may not have yet secured a place at university or college. Clearing is a UCAS service that aims to help these applicants find a vacancy on a higher education course. The service is available between July and September, but is normally used directly after exam results are published in August.

You can take part in UCAS Clearing 2018 if you have already applied through UCAS and fall into one of the following categories:
  • You have not received any offers
  • You have declined all your offers or not responded by the due date
  • Your offers have not been confirmed because you have not met the conditions (e.g. you have not achieved the required grades)
  • You have declined a changed course, a changed date of entry and/or changed point of entry offer
  • You applied for one course which has been declined/unsuccessful and you have paid the full application fee
  • You sent your application after 30 June. If UCAS received your application after this date, they would not have sent it to any universities and colleges and you will automatically be entered into clearing.
To start with, you must have already submitted a UCAS application before you can enter Clearing.

If your first choice and insurance university or college turn you down, you can use Clearing to find another place.

If you’re eligible, you’ll see an Add Clearing Choice button appear on your UCAS Track screen.

Clearing Vacancies

We have limited places available on a number of our Higher Education courses. Our courses cover a wide range of sectors but are all designed to prepare you for employment. At Loughborough College, you can expect the same quality as a university but with more one-on-one time with tutors.

Whether you want to study full-time or part-time, you’ll get the same, valuable qualification and still be eligible for a student loan. We have Clearing vacancies available in these subject areas:

Key Information

Tuition Fees

Compared to larger Higher Education institutions we have lower overhead costs, that’s why we’re able to offer high quality teaching and small class sizes with lower tuition fees than most universities. Fees vary by course and study mode (full-time or part-time).

Information on course fees can be found in the course information on our website and in our prospectus. For more information on course fees you can call our Clearing hotline on 01509 618344.


Our Halls of Residence are situated a five minute walk from the College, Students’ Union and Loughborough town centre making student living easy and convenient. Our National Code assured accommodation boasts 170 single bedrooms in our modernised halls complex along with full access to communal and outdoor spaces.

For further information about accommodation please call 0844 332 0206.

Campus and Facilities

At Loughborough, we offer our students more than just courses. We’ve got loads of facilities based across the campus designed to help you make the most of your experience, support your learning and enhance your employability prospects.

Our Undergraduate Centre is a dedicated space used by our university level learners to conduct their studies. Designed to meet the teaching, learning and social needs required from higher educational study, you will have access to the computers, breakout areas and lecture rooms in this specialised facility.

Loughborough Students' Union

All Loughborough College students are members of Loughborough Students' Union. Loughborough Students' Union is one of the very best in the country and offers a variety of support services, over 100 clubs and societies and a packed programme of social events.

How to Apply

1. Call our clearing hotline

If you find a course you are interested in applying for call us on 01509 618344

If you have already registered with UCAS don’t forget to have your ID number ready. If you've not registered with UCAS yet we can help you through the process.

1. Add your choice to UCAS Track

If you are eligible and we offer you a place on a course you will then need to go on to the UCAS website and click on the ‘Add Clearing Choice’ button that will appear on your UCAS Track screen.

There's still time to choose an undergraduate degree at Loughborough College