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Role Models: RAINA OMAR

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Loughborough College alumna, Raina Omar, has carved her path in the realm of sports coaching. Currently working in Doha, Qatar, Raina reflects on her transformative experience studying for a BSc in Sports Coaching at Loughborough College. Her journey is one of perseverance, growth, and the pursuit of her passion.

“I couldn’t get into university with my BTEC Sports studies course, but then I found out about the course offered by Loughborough College, which was accredited by the University. Those three years were the best studying experience of my life!” Raina shares.

Driven by her love for coaching and her aspiration to become a physical education teacher, Raina felt that pursuing a degree was a natural progression for her. “I wanted to delve deeper into my chosen field and enhance my coaching skills. It felt like the right step forward,” she explains.

Although Raina isn’t the first in her family to earn a degree, she draws inspiration from her mother’s educational journey. “My mom completed a nursing degree, and later she and my dad both pursued a Computer Science degree. We share that passion for education,” Raina proudly states.

The decision to study at Loughborough College was an easy one for Raina. “The location from Nottingham was ideal, and having a course accredited by Loughborough University was a huge pull for me,” she explains. It provided her with a supportive environment and exceptional opportunities for growth.

Reflecting on her time at Loughborough College, Raina expresses her gratitude for the invaluable experiences she gained. “I made lifelong friends and had an amazing experience, both through volunteering and coaching. It wasn’t just about my degree; it also shaped my independence and set me up for further qualifications,” she shares. Raina went on to pursue a PGCE and an MSc in Education.

Following the completion of her degree, Raina embarked on a two-year internship at Loughborough Sports, which further solidified her expertise and passion for coaching. Looking to the future, Raina envisions herself exploring various avenues within the sports industry. “I don’t see myself teaching in the next three years. I want to stay involved in sports, perhaps in sports event management. I’m not entirely sure yet, but I want to be paid to have fun, and sports will always be a part of that,” she says with a smile.

When asked about her overall experience, Raina emphasizes the positive aspects of Loughborough College. “The set-up was great, and having a standalone Higher Education building was fantastic. It provided the privacy I needed to study in peace, away from younger students,” Raina explains.

Raina attributes her success to the unwavering support of her lecturers. “They constantly pushed us to become better researchers and academics. Their guidance and encouragement were instrumental in my achievements,” she acknowledges gratefully.

To those considering studying at Loughborough College, Raina offers a resounding recommendation. “Definitely do it! Immerse yourself in the wonderful opportunities that await you. It’s a place where you can truly grow and thrive”.