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Our dedicated Business Development Team standing together infront of a Loughborough College popup banner for a group photo

Our dedicated Business Development Team

Unlock success with our dedicated Account Managers, spanning diverse industries. Benefit from their experienced expertise, tailored solutions, and unwavering support for your unique needs.

Laura Shepherd, Director of Strategic Partnerships and External Relationships

Laura Shepherd

Director of Strategic Partnerships and External Relationships

An accomplished business leader with a decade of experience in overseeing and guiding high-performing teams.
Her primary responsibility revolves around translating college business strategies into actionable plans, bringing concepts to fruition, and strategically orchestrating our commercial business units.
She excels in fostering strong connections and managing relationships with college stakeholders and partners, aligning our shared objectives within a commercial context

Chris Hawkins, Business Development Manager

Chris Hawkins

Business Development Manager

Meet Chris, our Business Development Manager and Employer Engagement Specialist. With three decades of commercial and industry experience, he combines his extensive expertise in forging strategic partnerships with his vast knowledge of revenue growth and ability to facilitate collaborations across a multitude of industry sectors.

Chris is driven by a perpetual desire to enhance the college’s engagement with employers and the community as a whole.

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Lois Burton, Lead Account Manager

Lois Burton

Lead Account Manager

Our dedicated Account Manager Lois nurtures a range of industry sectors including Accounting, Education, Childcare and Management at the college. 
Bringing a wealth of experience in the field of apprenticeships, Lois has over five years expertise and has honed her skills and knowledge through the completion of multiple apprenticeships. 
Her hands-on experience, coupled with her genuine passion for education, ensures that she is well-equipped to help your organisation and staff with their personal development needs. Whether you are looking to enhance the skills of your current staff or welcome new talent, she is here to guide you on the path to success.  

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Joanna Knight, Senior Account Manager

Joanna Knight

Senior Account Manager

Joanna is one of our experienced Account Managers. Working with laser focus on cultivating and strengthening customer relationships within the engineering sector, Joanna stands out as a skilled professional in her field.
Her exceptional ability to gauge and meet the unique needs of each customer sets her apart. Joanna is adept at aligning these needs with the appropriate educational offerings, ensuring the successful advancement of both staff members and the organisations they represent. She excels in identifying your specific requirements and tailoring the solutions to align seamlessly with your organisation’s objectives.

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Ria Foster, Account Manager and Work Placement

Ria Foster

Account Manager and Work Placement

Ria’s dedication to the sport and digital industries and her ability to connect employers with valuable work experience opportunities makes her an indispensable asset to the team. As our Account Manager specialising in these industries, she manages students’ placements and work experience. 
She continues to drive success, supporting both individuals and organisations in achieving their goals within the dynamic sports sector. She excels in communicating the essential requirements to key stakeholders, facilitating successful transitions for Learners and Employers. 

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Emily Coope, Account Manager

Emily Coope

Account Manager

Emily is a recent graduate holding a BSc in Applied Sport Science and Management. She oversees Loughborough College's work experience programs for Business, Elite Sports, T Level Health, and focuses on the Health and Care sector, in particular Childcare for apprenticeships. Her role involves strategically connecting our learners with valuable work experience opportunities in their respective fields of expertise. This initiative not only creates significant opportunities for our college students but also equips them with real-life workplace experience, making them well-prepared for their future careers.  

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Ellie Clarke, Account Manager

Ellie Clarke

Account Manager

Ellie is our enthusiastic Account Manager, who leads in our Marketing, Hairdressing, Beauty, Barbering, Hospitality and Catering, Travel and Tourism apprenticeships, and both BTEC and T Level Electrical. She comes equipped with valuable experience in the customer service and hospitality sectors. Her zeal and passion to facilitating ideal matches between employers and learners in higher and further education shines through when assisting organisations and individuals as they embark on their educational pathways.  

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