Industry Placements & Work Experience Work placement overview

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Real life work placements opportunities

Work placements are a brilliant opportunity for young people to get a feel of what the world of work is truly like. There are opportunities for different types of placements to suit the needs of your business.

It's a fantastic way to increase your recruitment pool while helping your local community and building a positive relationship with the college. There are two main types of work placement: work experience and industry placement. Placements should be relevant to the learner's area of study.

Work experience

  • Planned duration is 10-40 hours
  • Health & Safety checks will need to be completed before placement starts and a start date agreed with the student
  • The work experience role is to help out in the work place
  • On completion you would need to verify the hours

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Industry placements

  • Planned duration is 315+ hours
  • Health & Safety checks will need to be completed before placement starts
  • An agreement between the college and employer will be signed prior to the start date. Stating tasks and expected behaviours
  • The role is to be part of a team
  • There may be up to 3 progress reviews throughout the placement

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