Partnership story BRUSH Transformers

BRUSH Transformers

A manufacturing, services, and engineering business, BRUSH works closely with the College to enhance the skills and attributes of employees.

As two integral parts of Loughborough history, BRUSH manufacturing have been partnered with Loughborough College for a number of years, offering employees provisions, training, and development through a vast variety of apprenticeships.

HR Director of BRUSH, Jonathan Lee explains:

“It is vital that we recruit and develop people who are able to meet the ever-changing demands of the market, environmental, and technology landscapes. Loughborough College truly appreciates how we must meet these needs and understands our requirements. Investing in the skills and growth of our people is essential to thrive as the world continues to change, and the College is enthusiastic and passionate about the needs of the future in our industry.”

Apprentice wearing safety equipment while using electrical manufacturing machinery in a workshop
Apprentice at Brush learning industry skills

When working with an organisation like BRUSH, Loughborough College offers apprenticeships in a number of disciplines and subject areas, allowing employers to be confident in their career and professional pathways. Apprentices are able to engage in industry-led experience, and Loughborough College has been recognised by numerous industries and sectors as leaders in apprenticeship development, support, and delivery. The relationship between BRUSH and the College has forged strong links across Loughborough, acting as an investment for the town and wider community. These bonds and relationships are key to the ethos of Loughborough College, an organisation which prides itself on championing the commitment of learners and apprentices who are actively pursuing professional progression to make our community a beacon of future skill development.

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