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Loughborough College Sport Esports Academy is one of the leading 16-18 programmes in the country. The Academy is known as Loughborough College Lycans and boasts one of the best Esports gaming rooms in the UK.

the training

Loughborough College Lycans have two team training sessions a week. Learners will also have a video analysis session once a week.

Loughborough College Lycans compete in Rocket League, Overwatch 2, League of Legends, Valorant, FIFA Pro Clubs, APEX and Sim Racing.

There are also various workshops that happen throughout the year on nutrition, psychology, anti-doping and athletes lifestyle.

  • British Esports Association Championships
  • AoC Sport FIFA Cup
AOC Sport

British Esports Associaton
  • Jack 'ApparentlyJack' Benton - Dignitas Rocket League
British Esports Associaton Williams Esports Logo

How to apply for an academy.

  • Attend an Open Day
  • Apply for your course (online or at the Open Day)
  • Attend an applicant event for your programme of study
  • Once you have a place at Loughborough College on your chosen programme of study. you will be sent an email about which Sports Academy you are interested in joining - complete the form on the email
  • Apply for Accommodation if needed
  • Attend the Pre Programme Day for your programme of study (June)
  • Attend the Pre Programme Day for the Sport Academies (July)
  • Enroll on to your programme of study (August)
  • You will be invited to the training sessions for the first 2-4 weeks and squad selections will happen then (September)
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why loughborough
86 %

of our Level 3 learners went to university last year, gaining places at Loughborough, Durham and Exeter.

94 %

of learners said staff valued student's views and opinions about their study Programme

91 %

of learners said the College campus provides a safe environment

90 %

of learners said that teachers had high expectations that they would succeed on their study programme

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