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Our short courses tie into the essential knowledge and skills required by employees to carry out certain job roles. They are an excellent way of learning and can bring a host of benefits to your business and employees. We offer flexible delivery models depending on need and size of cohort.

We have a range of courses across a breadth of business areas, including:

  • Electrical Installation
  • First Aid
  • Mentoring and Coaching

and many more.


  • Practical business content to consider how to become more assertive and self-confident within different business scenarios.

    The session is coached to allow delegates to reflect on the current level of assertive behaviour and analyse how growing their assertive behaviour will benefit them and the organisation.

    The content will be practically orientated and made bespoke to the sector and industry. An excellent course for those new to employment or current job role.

    Duration: Half a day

  • If your organisation is looking to embed the ethos of coaching into the work environment, then this course is for you. The course introduces the delegate to coaching as a management style, and also coaching as a tool to help others work through obstacles hindering their progression route.

    The course looks at the psychology behind coaching, analyses a variety of coaching tools and provides coaching opportunities for practicing techniques. Through the course, the benefits of coaching are clearly understood and ready to be applied to the workplace.

    Duration: Up to 2 full days

  • Allows the delegate time to reflect on their own potential and analyse development opportunities through discussion, coaching tools and questionnaires.

    On completion of the session the delegates will be in a good position to consider ways to enhance their current knowledge base and how to develop the skills needed to aid future progression.

    Duration: Half a day

  • Linked to organisational skills and efficiency systems and processes, this course will review the topic from an individual, team and organisational context.

    The course will allow delegates to be more commercially aware of their impact on the organisation, hence adding to motivation and understanding of the organisation as a whole. Delegates will come away having set themselves objectives to ensure better time management skills are implemented into their day.

    Duration: Half a day

  • Everyone has Unconscious Biases. We may favour other people because they look or sound like us and dismiss others who are different. These thoughts may inform some or all of our decisions at work, whether it is recruitment or promotion of staff or team interactions.

    This interactive and thought-provoking training course provides clear explanations of what we mean by unconscious bias and its impact on organisations. It aids understanding of how to re-evaluate own unconscious biases and what impact it has on the workplace.

    Duration: Half a day or full day options

  • Analysing how to minimise customer effort and maximise opportunity. The course will focus on the customer service experience of the business process, looking at both external and internal customers.

    The exercise involved is to create a ‘Quality Service Model’, looking at the overall picture of the organisation and establishing ways to minimise effort and maximise on opportunity.

    Duration: Half a day

  • Delegates will consider the different communication channels from both an internal and external customer perspective, with the aim of improving their own business communication.

    Delegates will be encouraged to consider their own business communication strategies and review for future improvements. Consideration will be given to non- verbal, verbal, written and business communications.

    Duration: Half a day

  • This course works on the delegates own confidence to develop and deliver effective business presentations. An interactive session where learners build their presentation with guidance from the trainer whilst learning about the features of PowerPoint.

    The course will look at how to deliver a presentation in a lively, flexible and interesting way, to ensure engagement of the audience.

    Duration: Half a day

  • The training day covers practical interviewing skills and candidate screening methodology with hands-on exercises and practice interviews to recruit the best candidates and improve business performance.

    This practical one-day course in effective recruitment provides delegates with the skills, knowledge and confidence to recruit and select the right team member for the job, taking into consideration the organisation’s recruitment and selection process.

    Duration: Full day

  • This course is developed for aspiring managers and team leaders/supervisers who will be progressing into management roles. Delegates will gain a range of key management skills and build leadership capabilities.

    Development of leadership skills will be aided through delegates using their own knowledge, values and motivations, with a focus on motivating and engaging teams and managing relationships confidently.

    Duration: Full day

  • These courses are a range of one day finance training programmes, providing short, sharp skills training to help delegates gain a better understanding of the key financial processes.

    Developed for those business people without an accounting and finance background, these courses provide practical training on how to manage business finance more effectively.

    Courses include:

    • Budgeting
    • Effective budgeting and cost control
    • Finance for non-financial managers
    • Financial reporting update
    • Making sense of financial documents
    • Management reporting for modern-day finance
    • Managing cash flow-keeping your business healthy
    • Strategic management accounting
    • Tax update

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These courses are ready to be made bespoke to your organisational needs. (The duration given is a guideline only).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if the course you require is not listed, and we will be pleased to discuss what we can offer with you.

All attendees that complete these courses will receive a Loughborough College Certificate of Attendance.

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