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Work Experience & Industry Placements

Work Experience

As part of a course, Loughborough College students complete an unpaid work placement. This is a great opportunity for our students to develop their skills and gain experience in a sector related to their course. Students become more equipped and prepared for the working world.

Industry Placements

Loughborough College are also moving towards students undertaking an Industry Placement, which is part of the new Technical Qualifications. T levels are new level 3 technical qualifications. Lasting for two years, they sit alongside traditional A levels and apprenticeships and provide an alternative route into employment or higher study. A key part of T level qualifications is a 45-day industrial placement. They are designed to give students a high quality technical qualification, equipping them with the skills and knowledge which employers are looking for.  

Supported Internships

A full-time course for students aged 17-24 years with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), and wish to gain the skills to enable them to progress into employment.

The course includes a work placement with a real employer, supported by a Job Coach. Loughborough College work with a number of excellent local employers in various industries.

What are the benefits to employers?  

  • Foster future talent: get to know students and identify talented individuals who you may wish to offer employment to in the future. Young people bring a fresh perspective, good subject knowledge and skills, and energy to support your business.  
  • Extra help at no cost: industrial placement students carry out real work while developing their skills and knowledge. The placement forms part of their studies so they are not paid a salary. You can pay them if you wish or help with things like travel expenses.
  • Boost your company’s reputation: people completing placements with you talk to their friends and family, and mention their experiences on social media. A good placement experience can quickly enhance your brand and make you a business people want to work for. 
  • Develop staff management and supervisory skills: supervising or managing placement students can help to develop your employees’ leadership skills, boosting job satisfaction and retention.  

For more information about Industry Placements & Work Experience please get in touch (include Contact details for job shop and links to web site)

Other ways to support students 

If you are not able to offer an industrial placement there are lots of other ways you might be able to support students to gain experience or an insight into the world of work.  

  • Come into college and share your industry experiences with students in guest talks or workshops. 
  • Offer opportunities for students to get involved with your community or business events and projects.
  • Provide site visits or company tours. 
  • Employer involvement in design, delivery and endorsement of programmes to help young people develop the right skills to progress into employment.
  • Support the next generation of talent whilst building your brand through sponsorship of our events, programmes, sports teams or societies.

If you wish to discuss any potential opportunities to support our students please get in touch.

Get in touch

For more information about our apprenticeship programme, please get in touch with our team of experts.

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