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Five Ways to Show Your Pride at Loughborough College

Posted: 30th June 2023 - 9:33am

From parades, celebrations, marches, and observances, for over fifty years members of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies have been uplifting and honouring marginalised voices each June during Pride Month.

Loughborough College is no different! For years, the College’s Diversity Steering Group has been working to support LGBTQIA+ learners and staff, and this year we celebrated our first Pride event. But how can you show that you stand behind the LGBTQIA+ community?

As we come to the end of Pride Month, when millions of people across the world celebrate LGBTQIA+ voices, Loughborough College continues to shine a spotlight on, and support all gender and sexual identities. Here are five ways to encourage students and staff to show their LGBTQIA+ and ally pride at Loughborough College all year round.

Meet our external partner, Lisa Vine

Lisa Vine (she/her), LGBTQIA+ advocate, consultant and trainer offers confidential 1:1 sessions with our learners at Loughborough College. Lisa has over eight years of experience, working with over 400 LGBTQIA+ children and adults to facilitate a safe space to navigate gender, sexuality, and identity. During last year’s Pride Month, Lisa wrote a blog celebrating the College’s sense of belonging and safe spaces. Appointments with Lisa can be arranged through Learner Welfare.

Join the Loughborough Student Union
Learners at Loughborough College can become members of Loughborough Students’ Union, located just across the road from campus at Loughborough University. The LSU gives students access to a range of societies and activities, and provides support with student welfare, advice, and information. The Welfare and Diversity section of LSU ensures that learners have a voice at College, promoting wellbeing and positivity around underrepresented students.

Support Your LGBTQIA+ Friends
Being an ally is an important aspect of uplifting and supporting LGBTQIA+ people. Developing an understanding of how the world views and treats marginalised voices and listening to personal stories with respect and kindness. Think about the language you use, jokes, and comments you make without thinking about the effect they could have on LGBTQIA+ people. But don’t panic if you mess up! Correct yourself, apologise, and ask for guidance. More top tips can be found through the UCL website.

Celebrate our FREDIE Values
Our FREDIE values are an integral part of our commitment to providing a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment. With Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement at the heart of our organisation, we can support and communicate with each other in an equitable way. The FREDIE values are a relevant part of our whole community and allow us all the opportunity to develop, grow, and achieve our full, individual potential.

Pay it Forward
As part of Good for Me, Good for FE, a national community action campaign co-led by Loughborough College, students and staff are encouraged to support charities and NGOs. During the College’s first Pride event last month, donations were encouraged to Stonewall UK, the largest LGBTQIA+ rights organisation in Europe. The Good for Me, Good for FE initiative harnesses people power, and taking part in the campaign adds to the college’s overall donation total. Any monetary donations, time spent volunteering, or items donated can help. Local support groups are often searching for volunteers and donation, so pay it forward and show your pride!