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It is the new year and your mind may well be turning to your next steps after this academic year finishes. So, what can you being doing now to help with your future? Why not follow these 10 steps?

Have a think about:

  1. which career you want and which skills you have?
  2. trying a careers quiz and skills assessment if you don’t know, such as licence code: hintgoal75 and
  3. which qualifications, experience and skills you need to get that career?
  4. researching the different options to get there, e.g. academic courses, vocational course, T Level, apprenticeship, HND, degree, starting your own business.
  5. applying for as many of these as you would be prepared to do.
  6. what grade/s you need to get in your current course?
  7. what you can do to help you to get the results you need e.g. asking for help from your lecturers/tutor, revision timetable, revision books, extra tuition, flashcards?
  8. whether there is anything that you can do now to help you e.g. work experience, a short course, volunteering, extra-curricular activities, university summer school, part-time job, reading, networking, Barclays LifeSkills, become a mentor or find one to help you?
  9. researching these options and applying for any activities that you can. Doing more of the things that you are not so good at will help you. So, if you hate public speaking, host a family quiz or raise your hand to speak in every lesson from now on.
  10. what your plans are for the summer e.g. destress, travel, summer job, planning a gap year, independence skill building - such as doing your own shopping, cooking and washing?

Have a think about these 10 steps of things to consider and take action now, so that you are prepared for your next steps.

Do let us know if we can help, by emailing: The Careers Officer can help with information advice and guidance on taking your next steps and the Employability Officers can help you to find and arrange a work placement, longer industry placement or supported internship. Our Careers and Employability service is free and is available before, during or after your studies. Whether you are in further education or higher education and whether you are looking for further study, training, employment or apprenticeship opportunities, we are here to help.


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