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What Is…Neurodiversity? Key Resources for Accessing Support

Posted: 22nd March 2024 - 11:58am

In the final blog of our Neurodiversity Celebration Week series, Teacher Development Lead James shares some key resources, advice, and tools to support friends, family, staff, and students with neurodiversity.

Finding support and advice for the umbrella of neurodiversity and its conditions is an important step in breaking the stigmas of neurodivergence across society. Whether it is accessing resources for employers, schools, or finding online communities for friends and family, there is no shortage of support for many neurodivergent conditions.

The Neurodiversity Hub has great resources for employers, encouraging them to participate in the journeys of neurodivergent staff, achieving a more accommodating and inclusive workplace environment.

For families, children, and young people, the NHS’ MindMate Hub is a handy, easy to understand resource to support people with and without formal diagnoses.

The official Neurodiversity Celebration Week website has also got great event recordings from this year’s schedule, covering topics such as neuro-inclusive language, the intersection of neurodiversity and LGBTQIA+ communities, and advice for HR professionals.

Finally, whilst it can be difficult or nerve wracking, it can be a great idea to launch an open discussion with people you trust to talk through what you feel your strengths are and what challenges you encounter in school, college, or the workplace.

Having an open dialogue that recognises how you learn or work best can utilise your strengths and unique talents, as well as recognise elements that could be changed to benefit you, and the people around you.

For tailored support dedicated to specific neurodiverse conditions, check out the organisations and charities offering resources and advice below.

National Autistic Society offer services for adults, children, and young people.

ADHD UK are the national leading organisation supporting individuals with ADHD across the country.

The British Dyslexia Association offer advice and services for dyslexia, dyscalculia, and DLD.

Dyspraxia UK organise assessments for adults and children, and can support in accessing services.

Tourette’s Action are a UK based online community for people with Tourette’s Syndrome.

OCD UK offer education, support, and advice for adults, children, and young people in understanding life with OCD.