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British Army Band Colchester Delights College with Exclusive Performance, Inspiring Students on East Midlands Tour

Posted: 24th March 2023 - 3:00pm

Students and staff were treated to an exclusive performance by the British Army band Colchester on Thursday, 16 March, who visited Loughborough College for their East Midlands tour.

The band was visiting schools and communities to inspire and encourage young people to enjoy music and to provide a broader understanding of the British Army and the many different faces of it. 

The 7th Brigade Engagement Team (Desert Rats) arranged the visit due to its strong partnership with Loughborough College. 

The Royal Corps of Army Music is steeped in history and tradition. They deliver musical support to the Army and the broader defence community. Through music, their service bands sustain and develop the moral component of fighting power, support state ceremonial events, and achieve influence on other defence and national interests.

The band performed three performances, including a Quintet and two full orchestra performances to a wide range of music for students and staff. The band spoke to music and music technology students about careers in the Army. 

Childcare Level 2 students Tegan and Caitlin commented, “The performance was absolutely amazing! It was great that the band performed a range of music genres; they did a bit of Latin and both 70s and 2010s music. It was really good that they didn’t just have one person playing but had multiple people performing. The leader told us what they would do next instead of going straight into the next song. They were good to see!”

Major Julie Downing, S02 Engagement, Headquarters 7th Infantry Brigade, said, “I’m part of the army engagement team in Chilwell, Nottingham. It’s our role to engage with the public, talk about the Armed Forces and challenge perceptions. We spend time in Youth organisations to inspire young people and give them necessary tools such as confidence and relationship building. It’s not just about being seen in the public eye, but about giving young people opportunities.”

Bandmaster and Staff Sargent Andee Birkett, British Army Band Colchester, commented, “We’ve been up here all week, today’s the penultimate day of our weeklong tour in the East Midlands. It’s the second year we’ve come to Loughborough College. We’ve spoken to the music and music technology students about careers in Army music. We’ve done three performances and given talks.”

Tim Turner, Curriculum Manager, Caring and Public Services, said, “It was with great pride that the Public Services welcomed the Army band to Loughborough College. It was a privilege to receive the invite for the second year running.”

If you would like to know more about the British Army and the Band, please click here.

We are delighted to have had the British Army Band Colchester visit us this year, the performances were terrific, and we look forward to the band hopefully returning next year!