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The Facts Around T Levels: Q&A Guide to Industry Placements

Posted: 7th May 2024 - 4:36pm
T Level Account Manager

By delving into the world of T Levels with Ria Foster, Account Manager lead for industry placements at the college. We uncovered some valuable insights on how industry placements can help your business.

How long is the placement?

A minimum commitment of 315 hours. The placement duration is structured to provide student’s hands-on experience. This ensures that students have ample time in the practical aspects of their chosen field, gaining invaluable real-world skills. It's an important component of the T Level programme, allowing them to develop a strong foundation for the future.

Do I need to pay the student?

No need to worry about a wage. While it's not mandatory to pay, you have the option to do so if you wish.

Do college staff visit the student when on industry placement?

Absolutely! Expect a dedicated tutor to make three reassuring site visits during the placement period.

What paperwork do you need?

Getting started is easy! Initially, we'll assist you in completing basic health and safety checks. Additionally. There's also a short agreement to be signed by all parties involved - yourself, the student, parents, and the college, but we can support with any questions you might have.

What responsibilities can the student do while on placement?

It's all about immersion! Employers conduct induction sessions for students to familiarise themselves with industry expectations. We anticipate students will engage in tasks that align with their course and industry. One of our students Ryan Kirk explains in his interview the impact his placement has had on his career in Level 3 Construction T Level

What support will I get?

Your journey is supported every step of the way by our dedicated account managers. We ensure students are primed to contribute effectively to your workforce.

What is the recruitment process between student and employer?

Vacancies are showcased to students via our online portal, where they can apply for roles that pique their interest. Then, your account manager sends CVs and personal statements for your perusal, allowing you to select candidates for interviews. All making the process as simple and timely as possible.

What are the benefits to an organisation to recruit a T Level placement student?

It's more than just a placement - it's a chance to nurture mentoring skills among your team. Additionally, it serves as a platform to showcase your company to the next generation. Whether it's through traditional face-to-face interviews, CV reviews, assessment mornings, or phone interviews. We can tailor the recruitment process to your needs.