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Student Recruitment team completes 50-squats a day challenge raising money for Mind charity

Posted: 6th April 2023 - 2:14pm

Our Student Recruitment team recently undertook a monthly viral ‘Squat Challenge.’ They had to complete 50 squats daily to increase awareness of mental health issues people face inside and outside the workplace and raise money for the charity Mind. They completed their squats in the Hub Reception area and amassed 11,200 squats between them – even Miley (the office therapy dog) got in on the action! The team raised a brilliant £165 for Mind.

Jessica Biggs, Senior Enrolment Officer, commented, “We are really pleased that we could participate in this viral challenge and receive support from many colleagues and friends. It was tough some days as your thighs were burning from the previous day’s exercise; being motivated to do squats at the weekend when your team wasn’t around to push you was a challenge. But the main thing we had to remember was why we were doing this; it highlighted the range of mental health issues that people face inside and outside of work. Just starting the conversation about doing the Squat Challenge opened up another conversation about mental health and how we can help others.”

Well done to the Student Recruitment team for raising money for a great cause!