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Engineering Degree Students Set Sights on Career Development

Posted: 25th September 2023 - 11:10am

The wide range of higher education Engineering qualifications on offer at Loughborough College has meant that graduates Harry Clarke and Tom Marvell are now on the path to exciting new career opportunities. Having juggled demanding work commitments with dedication to studying, both Harry and Tom have demonstrated unique perspectives throughout their courses that have earned them new and exciting career opportunities.

“I got my HNC and HND at Loughborough College and it was the natural choice to stay on to get my BSc Hons. Electronic and Electrical Engineering top-up degree.” Shares Harry, who was awarded the HE Engineering Award for his dedication and commitment to work and family life.

For BSc Hons. Mechanical Engineering student Tom, it was industry reputation that drew him to Loughborough College. “My industry peers studied here, so I knew it was a good choice.” During his time at Loughborough College, Tom created and developed smart and sustainable engineering solutions.

Both Harry and Tom are already working, but their newly awarded qualifications have been key to taking them to the next level. Harry explains, “I was already working in the industry at a nuclear power station, but this course has helped me get into my next role. I’ll be going from designing to engineering, I’m really excited.”

Tom agrees, adding, “I had such a great experience at Loughborough College, and it’s definitely set me up for the future. I have a new job at Rolls Royce in engineering. I’d absolutely recommend this course for aspiring engineers, it’s helped me understand what this field is like, and has given me a real in-depth view of the technical side of the job.”

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