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What Is…Good for Me, Good for FE?

Posted: 27th September 2023 - 11:32am

As part of our new ‘What Is…’ blog series, we’re delving into different aspects of life at Loughborough College to answer all of your questions.

Kicking off with the Good for Me, Good for FE initiative, a nationwide project encouraging staff and students at further education (FE) establishments across the country to get involved in local charities, volunteering, and community outreach.

As a founding member of the Good for Me, Good for FE campaign, our Principal and CEO Jo Maher is leading the sector’s drive to become more involved with local outreach. Not only to boost community relationships, but to support the wellbeing of students and staff, given the proven benefits of volunteering and social action.

Wondering where it all began and how to get involved? We’ve got you covered.

What is Good for Me, Good for FE?

Colleges and schools play a huge part in representing and building important relationships with their local communities. To encourage the growth of these relationships, Good for Me, Good for FE set out to drive a sustainable programme of community action in FE institutions across the country. Students and staff are encouraged to support good causes in any way they can, from volunteering and donating, to community outreach.

All contributions, whether monetary, time, or items, can be logged through the College, and they all make a massive difference to not only our community, but also the wider Good for Me, Good for FE campaign.

Who Can Get Involved?

All staff and students are encouraged to contribute! Whether you’re taking part on campus as part of a College initiative, or getting involved with an external cause, it all counts. If it’s a solo goal, or you’re getting a group together, your efforts all play a vital part.

Where Did it All Begin?

Launched in 2021 in collaboration between Loughborough College, London South East Colleges, and East Coast College, Good for Me, Good for FE was launched to encourage FE institutions across the country to take part in giving back to their communities locally, nationally, or internationally.

Initially aiming to collectively generate £1m of social value in the first year, Good for Me, Good for FE colleges raised a staggering £4.2m of social value to date. Collectively, participants have racked up an incredible 172,000 hours of volunteering, along with over 223,000 food items donated, and an amazing £258,000 raised through fundraising efforts.

How Can I Get Involved?

Contributing to the Good for Me, Good for FE campaign at Loughborough College couldn’t be easier! Any and all charity, non-profit, and community outreach activities count towards our collective contribution. Whether it’s through donating football boots to our on-campus Kit Aid and Boots for Africa Appeal, volunteering for environmental clean-up initiatives, or dropping some spare change for a College fundraiser, your support is part of a massive effort across the country to champion the impact further education can make.

Do You Have an Example of a Recent Contribution?

Many! Check out our Website News to see some of the contributions our staff and students have logged. These include our wonderful Team 1909, who last year took on the mighty Isle of Wight Challenge, facing a 106km trek around the island, and who have now set their sights on training for a challenge around the Peak District and a staggering 100km walk through the vales.

Want to know more about getting involved with Good for Me, Good for FE at Loughborough College? Email PR or log your contributions on our online form.