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International Students

Looking for our International Website? Click on the link below to go there.

International Website

What's Eduroam?

Eduroam® is a global service that enables students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop or activating their smartphone or other portable device. With eduroam, you get Internet access not only via Loughborough College’s wireless network, but also when visiting other participating universities, colleges, research centres and libraries.

Get Connected...

Step 1: Connect to the wireless network with SSID “eduroam”. Step 2: Enter your college email address and password. Step 3: Accept the college certificate if prompted. Step 4: You are now connected to the wireless network.

Android users may need to set the following settings under 'Advanced Settings'

  • Authentication type: MSCHAPv2
  • Certificate: Do not validate

The eduroam service is coordinated within United Kingdom by Janet and across Europe by a team from the GÉANT project, which is funded by the European Commission. Eduroam is available at participating universities, research centres and libraries in around 60 countries worldwide. Details are available via: www.eduroam.org

Need Help?

Go to the IT support desk in B Block, call 01509 618369 or contact IT Support at itsupport@loucoll.ac.uk