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Apprentices Achieve Outstanding Results with Anstey Wallpaper

Posted: 16th November 2023 - 9:38am

A group of six College apprentices have soared to reach exciting new career opportunities, having received a 100% pass rate of Distinction and Pass certifications after working with local employers, Anstey Wallpaper.

Students from across the CMI Level 3 Team Leader apprenticeship undertook roles with Anstey Wallpaper, developing new skills in areas including marketing, project management, and proofing.

Keen to expand partnerships locally, Anna Thomas, Group HR Business Manager at Anstey Wallpaper’s parent company, Sanderson Design Group, shared, “For us, it was important to partner with somewhere close by to highlight our presence in Loughborough. We were lucky to find that Loughborough College had such an outstanding reputation for apprenticeship programmes and training that fit with what we were hoping to achieve.”

“It has been a great partnership,” Anna continued. “The learners have enjoyed their training sessions and have been so well supported by the College and tutors. The frequent updates and communication between ourselves and the College has meant we could continue to develop our offering and learn what can be improved upon.”

Apprentice Sean Kelly, who received a Distinction from his time with Anstey Wallpaper agreed, adding, “It’s been great learning new skills, gaining knowledge that is useful for my career, and being able to study and implement my learning as I go.

“Loughborough College is a great place, and has delivered the right training for me and my role. They have really supported me throughout.”

Sean’s success has continued past his time with Anstey Wallpaper as he was named Apprentice of the Year at the annual British Coatings Federation Awards in October. Awarded to an apprentice of outstanding quality in the decorating sector, Sean was acknowledged for his newly developed skills and future career plans.

“I stepped into a lead role with Anstey Wallpaper at the start of my apprenticeship, first as a supervisor, now as a manager for the site. It is my dream to continue to develop professionally in new roles and take my career to new heights.” Sean added.

Apprenticeships at Loughborough College offer learners the invaluable opportunity to work in a practical and professional environment in order to gain the necessary skills for a successful career. The College supports apprentices in a variety of sectors and settings, working with employers and industry professionals both locally and nationally.

Looking ahead to the future partnership with Loughborough College, Anna reflected, “It’s been a great partnership so far, and one we can only see growing over time. It was great to get involved with the College and share best practices and skill development.”

Sean agrees, sharing, “The tutors and assessors at College have been so helpful and approachable. The delivery of my apprenticeship has been excellent, and I’ve been able to get help quickly when I’ve needed it.

“I would absolutely recommend an apprenticeship like this to anyone looking for a career development. It gives you the knowledge and practical know-how that can be applied to a range of leader and manager roles.”