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Hospitality Students Share Recipe for Success with NFL Academy

Posted: 9th February 2024 - 1:54pm

Hospitality students working with Radmoor Restaurant hosted a unique teaching session earlier this week for players in the NFL Academy.

Three Hospitality students volunteered for the hands-on workshop alongside chef lecturer Steve West to teach students some simple, tasty, and nutritious meals made from store cupboard ingredients that they can recreate at their accommodation.

Learners Tom Brassington, Amy Clarke, and Owen Longley were on hand to support Steve in sharing skills with the NFL Academy athletes. Steve said, “We strongly encourage our Hospitality students to become independent, grow their confidence, resilience, and skills to be the best they can be. These young students came out of their comfort zone, and delivered a new experience to not only themselves, but also welcomed the NFL Academy players and made them feel comfortable in the kitchen.”

Student Tom was praised for his enthusiastic approach to skill sharing and supporting the athletes with any questions and advice. Steve continued, “His support was second to none, it was brilliant to see.”

As for students Amy and Owen, Steve remarked on their confidence and capabilities, noting that Amy had spent time with the Academy learners explaining preparation techniques and sharing safe practice advice.

Students fed back that they enjoyed being a part of the evening event, sharing knowledge and advice to learners they would not usually cross paths with. Reflecting on the event and all the work of both the Hospitality learners and NFL Academy players, Steve said, “The whole evening had a really positive outcome. I have to congratulate all the students for stepping out of their comfort zones and getting involved. Well done to you all!”