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JTL Apprentices Lucy Mortimer and Emma Weeks Win Heat to Reach Sparks Magazine's Female Skills Grand Final

Posted: 3rd March 2023 - 11:33am

Two electrical apprentices from Loughborough College, Lucy Mortimer and Emma Weeks, made history by winning their heats at York College and qualifying for the Sparks magazine's first-ever Female Skills grand final.

Lucy and Emma, who are both studying with JTL, a leading provider of apprenticeships in the electrical and plumbing industries, showed their expertise and skills in the fiercely competitive heat. The competition included a range of challenges designed to test their abilities in their respective trades.

Their impressive performance in the heat earned them two of the three final places. They will now compete in the final against other top female apprentices from across the country, with the winner crowned the first-ever Female Skills champion.

The Sparks magazine Female Skills competition is a groundbreaking initiative encouraging and promoting gender diversity in traditionally male-dominated trades. It aims to showcase female apprentices' talents and abilities and inspire the next generation of women to consider a career in the electrical and plumbing industries.

Curriculum Manager Carol French said, "Lucy and Emma's success in the heat is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and skill. As apprentices with JTL, they have had access to world-class training and development opportunities, enabling them to excel in their chosen trades."

"Their achievement also reflects the high-quality education and support provided by Loughborough College, which has a long-standing reputation for excellence in vocational education."

The Sparks magazine final promises to be a thrilling and closely contested event, with the best female apprentices from across the country showcasing their skills and abilities. It will be an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of these talented young women and to promote gender diversity in the electrical and plumbing industries.

We wish Lucy and Emma the best of luck on the 30th of March in the final held at Loughborough College.


Group Photo  From left to right: Lucy Mortimer (JTL Apprentice), James Taylor (Electrical Lecturer), Keith Large, Stuart Cain (Operations Director, Eco Group, Lucy’s employer), Emma Weeks (JTL Apprentice)

Finalist Certificates Photo From left to right: Lucy Mortimer (JTL Apprentice) and Emma Weeks (JTL Apprentice).