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Record-breaking Success for College Athletes at AoC Sport National Championships

Posted: 22nd April 2024 - 1:11pm

Following nail-biting matches and gripping games, Loughborough College emerged as record-breaking champions of the 2024 AoC Sport National Championships, making history in the process.

After a weekend of amazing performances, Loughborough College clinched the title for the most medals ever won by the institution at a single championship event, shattering previous records.

“We are thrilled with the outstanding performance of our students at this year’s championship,” shared Danny Lee, Curriculum Manager for Sport and Esports at Loughborough College. “To witness such a remarkable achievement, both in terms of medal count and team participation, is truly remarkable and speaks volumes about the dedication and skill of our athletes.”

College athletes left a lasting mark on the competition, securing medals in an impressive 50% of the events contested. Over 1,500 students from across the country participated in the annual event, making it the largest FE student sporting event in Europe.

Among the standout achievements, Loughborough College claimed the coveted title of National Champions in Indoor Cricket, as well as clinching silver medals in Women’s Rugby, Men’s Badminton, and Pan Ability Football.

“We couldn’t be prouder of our athletes for their exceptional performance and unwavering determination,” said Dan Jackson, Academy Manager at Loughborough College. “Their success across a diverse range of sports is a testament to their talent and the hard work they’ve put in to reach this level.”

In addition to their gold and silver triumphs, College athletes showcased their versatility and skill by claiming bronze medals in Boccia, Women’s Badminton, and Women’s Football.

Reflecting on the remarkable achievements of the weekend, Danny added, “We are immensely proud of all our learners who competed. They really are the embodiment of the College’s #TalentFactory sports motto.

“As we celebrate this amazing weekend, we are also looking ahead to future competitions, and I know our students are eager to build upon their remarkable success and inspire the next generation of champions.”