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Alicia Smith | A Levels

My name is Alicia Smith and I currently study A levels at Loughborough College.

I chose to study at Loughborough college because of the immediate positive interactions I had with the lecturers and students when I first visited. With no intentions of studying at Loughborough, I quickly realised that the facilities and professional standard they hold were far greater than any other school/colleges I had visited – which immediately swayed my decision. I also chose to study at Loughborough because of the wide range of A levels they do, which my previous school did not offer, such as Criminology and Law. 

The tutors at Loughborough college, (in my experience) have been the backbone to my success in my A-levels. Without them I would not be where I am today. They are the most uplifting people I know, and words cannot describe how much I am grateful for them.

The A levels I chose were Criminology, Law, and Psychology, and I’m glad I picked them. Luckily for me, all of them intertwine well – so often content in one A-level would crop up in another, which helped me to consolidate my knowledge further. Criminology and Law A-level were not offered at my previous school, so I had no prior knowledge of what they would be like; though they are difficult at times – perseverance and help from the amazing tutors makes it worthwhile. For psychology, I again had no knowledge on what it would be like (since I took history in GCSE) and found it quite difficult in Year 12 to understand and enjoy. However, I took it upon myself in Year 13 to put myself out their more, and ask the questions I wanted to and I now love coming to my psychology lessons and learning the content.

The tutors at Loughborough college, (in my experience) have been the backbone to my success in my A-levels. Without them I would not be where I am today. They are the most uplifting people I know, and words cannot describe how much I am grateful for them. If I ever needed anything in support, they would be there, whether that would be a chat in the lesson or a quick team’s message – no hesitation, they would make time for me. Though saying this, they will tell you honestly and firmly that your success, though given their aid is all down to you, which is respectable given the age you’re at – which for myself was a big deal breaker. I wanted to be treated like an adult and the tutors at Loughborough 100% do. 
Plus, my tutors in other areas of my timetable, such as EPQ or tutorial have kept me positive and allowed me to always talk about my issues – whether that be academic or personal by creating a trusting atmosphere amongst students.

I have received a range of support, whether that be from my tutors in my A levels or support from support staff – not once have I felt in the dark about a subject. My tutors have always stated that you can teams message them or come and find them to talk about a query. The support staff that helped me with my university application gave me honest, truthful advice that if I had not have had, I would not be in the position I am in today. Furthermore, the college have always stated that advice is available for a range of different subject matters, whether that be LGBTQ+ or mental health concerns – so there is, whatever issue you feel you need to talk about, is always someone there to talk. The most support I have received is through my tutorial tutors, giving me advice and services about university life, super curricular activities; enabled me to add a range of qualifications/experiences on my CV and personal statement.

The facilities at college regarding studying have just had a massive improvement, with much more tables and chairs added for people to study at, on top of the facilities the library offers. The facilities also consider people who many not be able to financially buy equipment needed for their studies, such as laptops (available at the library) or textbooks; there are bursaries offered to all students at the start of the year. The classrooms are well-equipped with technology needed for students prosper, as well as textbooks and stationery if needed. Regarding food, the facilities at Loughborough are outstanding. Offering a wide range of food choices and considers all allergens (gluten, etc). Furthermore, if you require a different diet (food) not known to the college, you may request the kitchen make you something especially. 

The extra opportunities I have had access to are experiences such as, Access to Law – which has enabled me to gather a lot more experience in the field I hope to study in the future. Plus, they have set up multiple opportunities regarding qualifications through Futurelearn or the finance course offered by open university. Trips have also given me opportunities to learn more, for example, I went to Shrewsbury prison with my Law class and learnt about how the prison system used to operate. 

I would highly recommend people come to Loughborough college to do their A-levels because of the amazing facilities offered to students who study here. Being treated as an adult gives students a taste of what it is like to study at university too; whilst also being given opportunities of extra-curricular work that can help you when you hope to get a job in the future. The support offered also means you’ll always have someone to talk to if needed, so you won’t ever feel alone.

My current plan is to study Law at Manchester University, with the prospects of working as a Civil Barrister. 

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