Last Updated: 18th August at 2:00pm

Digital Applicant Event

What is a digital applicant event?

Digital Applicant events are for students who have already made an application, and are specific to the course area you have applied for. There will be a presentation from the course leader with subject specific information, what it is like studying at Loughborough College, followed by Q&A opportunities.

Why do I need to complete a digital applicant event?

You need to log in and complete an event if you want to secure your place and receive an offer from us. We want to make sure that you’re applying for the right course, and it gives you a chance to get further understanding on the course structure, progression opportunities and hear from tutors directly. There will also be a chance for you to ask any questions.

How do I view these events?

Once you have applied for a course, the Student Recruitment team will send out emails and texts containing a website link. From this web page you will be able to access the joining links to your applicant event.

If you have applied for two courses, then you will receive two separate invitations and will need to attend both events.

Who is the event for?

These events are aimed at our applicants, however parents/guardians are welcome to watch the presentations with the applicant. 

What happens after I complete a digital applicant event?

After the event has ended, the Student Recruitment team will receive a list of attendees. These will be updated and Conditional Offers for a place to study on the appropriate course (based on predicted grades that have been provided at that point in time) will be sent out.

These offers need to be accepted and returned to Student Recruitment in order to secure that offer of a place.

Entry Criteria

As an institution we are not changing our advertised entry criteria at this time. Any applicant who receives an offer from us, following their attendance at an applicant event, is assured of a place at college, with the level of study determined by the grades they receive.

At the registration events, which will take place on or around the national GCSE results day, members of each teaching area will be calling their applicants via telephone to hold sign up discussions. As part of these calls they will assess all achieved grades, and look at any additional supporting information at that time. They will then decide on what level of study programme to offer.

Get in touch

As all communications are done digitally it is essential you keep us informed of any changes to your email address or phone number. Please contact the Student Recruitment Team via email: with your full name and date of birth if you are not receiving emails.